Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Look what Kay made for me!

It came in the mail last week. She crocheted this lovely vegan ruffle for me and sent it to me out of the blue. I love suprises like that!

This weekend I made it out to the Handmade Arcade. It was busy so at times was hard to see all of the wares for sale. I bought a necklace, by Ursula and Olive:

I guess my hand is not that steady! It says, Wonder Twin Powers Activate! I also bought a vegan choco chip bar from My Goodies but of course, ate it before the photo shoot.

There were so many beautiful things there but with me being on a budget right now due to my being unemployed, I really couldn't do any more than admire. Plus I had to get back home to watch the Steelers game, which unfortunately, did not end in the way the Steeler Nation would have liked.

Today I went to another interview with a temp agency. I now type 51 wpm, up from 49. At least there is improvement. Honestly, I haven't knit in about 2 weeks now and I need to just jump back on that horse already. Maybe today. Maybe...

I'll leave you with my List of Things I Believe:

  1. Karma will find you, you know who you are!

  2. Sometimes seemingly bad things happen as a way to protect us from further harm.

  3. Chocolate improves mental health.

  4. Cats that are sleeping are one of the cutest things on this earth.

  5. Cats that are awake and bad are one of the cutest things on this earth.

  6. Sunshine is medicine.

  7. Obama is going to change things for the better.

  8. Thanksgiving Dinner will taste so good this year and I won't be working--yay!

  9. Sometimes if you tell yourself not to throw up inside your head over and over, you won't throw up.

  10. Your mom won't know if you don't make your bed every day once you grow up and move out on your own.


affectioknit said...

That scarf is lovely - purple is my favorite color!

Patricia said...

Thanks! I really like the color too. It looks especially lovely draped around in my living room...