Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Going the extreme...

OK so I have to admit, this is going to be a very uncomfortable post. For me and you both. It will require me to discuss intimate personal habits. I am still going to do it and if you are sort of squeamish about it, then quit reading now and go onwards across the 'net. If you are very very brave, then continue.

What on earth could this be about, you wonder?

I will start where it started for me. Cloth diapers. As I change Wee One's nappies many times a day and wash them faithfully every other day all in an effort to prevent another disposable from getting dumped into a landfill to never decompose, I started to wonder about other things I could do. One thing I didn't realize before breast feeding was your menstrual cycle (mine is affectionately called Judy) does not return until the breastfeeding slows or stops. For me it came back about the time Wee One was really starting to eat his solids, around 6 or 7 months of age.

Let me also say Judy had changed. Judy used to be very punctual. She is now more painful than before and very unreliable, showing up all willy-nilly like. A woman needs to be prepared at all times with a friend like Judy.

So I was thinking about ways to make Judy's visit much more green. Instead of clogging up Mother Earth with all kinds of yuckiness (you know, the disposable products that also cost a fortune every month), why not go reusable?

So I went to Whole Foods and got me a Diva Cup. Here is some propaganda from their site that worked on me. The statistic about the amount of waste created yearly from disposable tampons and pads is incredibly shocking. I won't lie, it took some getting used to as it is inserted a little bit differently than a tampon. I have to say now it is awesome! I was able to go swimming with Wee One and shopping afterwards without a hitch. The best part is, you don't have to empty it but once every 12 hours, that's only twice a day! (I even read online about a woman who empties the contents in a watering can half filled with water and waters her houseplants and flowers with this super-nutrient rich water. I have been contemplating this one...) However, I do like to wear a little backup with the cup to protect the clothing and for peace of mind.

And so I give you...the cutest little "backup" in the history of Knitsburgh.

I found THIS TUTORIAL at Sew Green and it was very easy to make them. I did splurge and bought some flannel for the outside part. We didn't have any flannel shirts or sheets that were ready to be re-used and I felt weird about using Wee One's flannel baby receiving blankets for this purpose (and I have some other things in mind for them). So I got the fabric with flowers you see here and some with mushrooms which I haven't quite made yet. I made eight to start off with and test, then will make more if all goes well. I also need to make the lining pads which go into the outer pockets I sewed. I have some old towels which I will reuse for this purpose. I like how the linings or inner pads will all be customizable too--as thick or thin as you like and need them to be. And did I mention how cute they are?

Funny thing is Nature Boy said the sewing on these was very professional- looking...of course it's on something no one else will really ever see! I think I am slowly getting better at sewing.

I would just say, to all the brave folks that read this far, to consider these options and maybe try one of them out. You are rather brave, after all. You can buy the pockets and pads online (try Etsy) and if you can't find the Diva near you, it can be purchased online too. Or you can make your own pockets and pads. Or if it's not for you, maybe green up something else in your life. Now go forth and love thy earth-mother!


Debbie said...

Good for you! I no longer need them, but I used a diva cup for years and also had some flannel backup pads. It's a great change to make!

Laura said...

wow... that's pretty cool. if i needed that kind of protection i'd definitely join the club..

Reilly! said...

I freaking LOVE my Diva Cup!! I've used one for the last five years and I really can't sing its praises high enough. Like, full on flailing Reilly hands awesomeness here.


Also, cloth pads are great too ^_^

affectioknit said...

I think you did an awesome job! and you're very brave for sharing...