Wednesday, August 16, 2006

VaCaTiOn all I ever wanted...

So I'm on the cusp of my departure for the Outer Banks, my old stompin' ground. I'll be back early next week and will post something again by mid-week. I finished the body of my summer tank and completed the upper back, I should be able to finish the front in the next couple of days and will post a picture. I should be closing on the house next week too so I plan to get lots of R&R before the big move. I know, not much sympathy for me as I'm heading off to the beach...but think of it this way, I will probably end up with a nice red painful sunburn despite careful application of vegan SPF 30--does this help?

Monday, August 07, 2006

Closing Time...

No, it's not "one last call for alcohol." I'm talking about my house!! We are going to be closing this Friday, August 11th! I can't believe it, finally, we will own a house! This day was great--my guy came home (was visiting his relatives for a great big Old Homes Day extravaganza) AND we got the word from the bank. I am also heading into a nice vacation this Friday--woo hoo!!

Not much new in knitting, I've been busy sorting and packing and cleaning our current place since my landlord is now bringing new potential renters by. Two couples came back-to-back this past Saturday and she told the first couple she had put the wrong ad in the paper, that the rent would be more money than advertised as she had confused us with the peeps next door. I figure neither of the two couples were interested after that. Four hours of cleaning and getting the place perfect for nothing!!

I did make some pillows last night, I will post a picure tomorrow. I worked well into the evening while catching the bluegrass show on WYEP. Anyone out there in Pittsburgh who doesn't listen to this station should check it out--it's the best! (They don't play bluegrass only if that's not your thing).

I also am getting an itch to research who owned the house back when it was built in 1921. Maybe a flapper? Probably a steel worker, but a flapper sounds so much more jazzy, doesn't it? Current read= Flapper by Joshua Zeitz. Chapter 5 is calling...