Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Everyone here is wilty. First, the cats are all wilty, lying about with bellies to the sky, fur all mussed. Second, the plants are wilty. Third, I am wilty, drinking lemonade by the gallon and fighting off the Dreaded AC Sickness. You know the one, where you sit in AC at work and freeze but then get in your car and drive everywhere around Allegheny County and get hot and then your throat starts to hurt and you sneeze and your head is pounding. That one.

Thus, still too hot in my mind to knit. I plan to possibly attempt some other crafts this week but shopping is taking up some time. You see, Kay's Birthday Extravaganza is this weekend and that means there must be a spectacular present to open. I went searching tonight and found nothing for Kay. I did find a pair of shorts for me on sale. I also finally bit the bullet and purchased some new undergarments. Let me say, why are they so damned expensive? Bathing suits too for that matter. They cover so much less but cost so much. I don't believe men spend as much on their undergarments either. It's a whole setup here women, we should unite and march in protest on this.

My Summer Sostice was fabulous! Look what a friend made:

It's pewter and he hand-carved the mold in two pieces of soapstone, then pinned it together and poured the liquid-y pewter in. He then cut off the flash, filed down the rough edges and shined her up.

I made some vegan sugar cookies in sun shapes, none left to show you though!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Take the quiz here....and learn more about the solstice here!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hot Child in the City...

Is it too hot to knit? I'm thinking it just might be. This coming from a gal who knit regularly on the beach, the sun baking down, the sand sticking in the fibre despite careful attempts to keep sand and fibre seperate. What I'm lacking here in the city is a large body of water to jump into once the sun's rays get too close. I try and stick to the shady places now when knitting. That said, my house is shady but it still is in my mind TOO DAMN HOT TO KNIT! So instead you get this stuff that follows, enjoy!

My wonderful sister sent me a suprise package last week! A bracelet was in it and I've been showcasing it Vanna-style on my arm ever since. She also made this:
It's a towel with an owl--AND it rhymes! How fantastic is she? I'm using it as my altar cloth. Here is a cake I made yesterday:
It was good and may even be made again some day. I think this is a poppy in my yard and if so, am quite perplexed at how it got there:
Here is my guy watering our jungle, I mean, garden:
Here are baby 'maters:
Here is a day lily:
Here is my dilly patch:

Also--I feel like contacting the local police to report an assault. By Kennywood Park. I hurt and have many bruises two days after going. Still, it was worth it. And please don't be a narc and tell the cops I'm a klutz or my law suit will all be in vain...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back!

If my blog could play music--it would be the Welcome Back, Kotter theme. Imagine you can hear it in the background as you read along. I know, it's been quite some time. I do have a Welcome Back, Kotter child's puzzle somewhere in this house. Too lazy to find it and post a pic right now, maybe some other time.

Life has been hectic! I went to Salem, MA, then to the Outer Banks the next weekend, then came back and hosted a BBQ at the house. Last weekend was supposed to be the man's sister and her hubby and two children staying with us but alas, they cancelled. I missed seeing them but was glad for some time to unwind a bit.

I went to the Arts Festival downtown, was a bit dis-a-POINT-ed (you'd get the pun if you lived here). It was not at the Point as usual due to the nasty park "renovations" (like cutting down 100 year old trees to make a giant amphitheater is fantastic). Most of it was where it usually is but I missed going to the stage by the Point and seeing the fountain and pausing to sit along the rivers (count 'em, three) and relax. We ended up in Market Square instead and this was not as relaxing as you would think. They had a live art exhibit there called Jaggerbush Junction that was quite noisy. I only bought one thing, a leaf made of clay. A maple leaf, like the tree outside our house in the front. We did get a free mini box of Chocolate Chex, which is still laying around here somewhere. Any takers?

The next day we did some yard work and I went to join some friends for a book study at a sweet little joint that serves up the most delectible vegan fare, the Quiet Storm. I would recommend the Raspberry Beret to anyone. Cue the Prince song, as Welcome Back has finished by now.

Knitting is still happening, along a slow, middle-of-a-gargantuan-sized-project-that-is-mostly-stockinette-stitch rate. Don't get me wrong, me likes the stockinette, it can just get a wee bloody boring at times. I had to run to the yarn shoppe for some extra balls of the yarn, as usual, and they still had it, thankfully. I have used 3 so far, am on the 4th. I bought 15 balls total. This should about explain right where things are at.

I also scored the most recent Knit 1 (the Green Issue, I know, it actually came out in May) and now feel I need to knit a dress from organic cotton. Here's the sitch: can't keep up with my subscriptions. Only have 3: Vogue Knitting, Interweave Knits & Knit 1. Doesn't sound that hard, does it? Well it IS hard when the stupid publishers keep sending you renewal notices when you have paid like, two years in advance. So you stop responding to these letters cause they don't fool you anymore. Then the mags stop coming. Then you stalk the mag racks in the Super Markets and Mega Bookstores to make sure you didn't miss out on something so spectacular that once you find it, you will be inspired to create your own line of beautiful knitwear and the Queen will knight you and Donatella will court your designer prowess and you will become a star on Knitty Gritty, so much so that you will have your own spin-off show, called Knitsburgh with the Point as the backdrop. And there won't be any "knitsters" around either-your guests will be "yinzers" of course and will eat pyrohy while knitting and will all proclaim a deep hatred for Sienna Miller at the start of each episode.

Just a few more things to get out there, ok? First, the good news: I got new glasses! And I'm going HERE this weekend! And the garden has grown like crazy! Now the bad news: Losing two good friends to the giant-skeeter-laden south (yeah, I'm talking about you). And crying when reading of a whale that lived for a century and was killed and it had a really old piece of harpoon embedded but was still killed anyway in a hunt. And finding a nice big hairball on the carpet right outside the bathroom door as it smooshes underfoot following your morning shower. And more good stuff to close to try and keep it positive: Eating soy icecream with some choco tortilla shells crunched on top and watching a fantastic summer storm. Dreaming again after a dream hiatus. And MTV for keeping my late nights REAL. As in REAL WORLD VEGAS REUNION BABY--gotta run, you know you're running to watch it too!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Good Karma Stocking

That's right, stock-piling good karma here.

1. I let a lady get in front of me on my way to work, even after having to wait for the asphalt truck and about 4 men hand shovel asphalt onto the street before letting me drive on through. Meaning I was cutting it real close to being late to work anyway. WOAH!!

2. I listened to the girl at work who really grates my nerves talk to me for the 80th time about her upcoming laser eye surgery. Sure, it was at the lunch table and it was just not me enduring the pain. And sure, she also mentioned said price of this surgery (yeah, she's a price-dropper) and explained in great detail the benefits of the Premium Plan she purchased. Let's also not forget the addition at the end where she basically said she lost a glass contact in her eye cavity several years ago and it has yet to be located. Others called her out and told her not to lie; I held my tongue. Impressed, aren't we?

3. I not only went to the grocery store after a heinous work day, but also bought chese and a meat product with my own money for a very lucky carnivore. Not only that, but I bought a box of Drumstix (ice cream cones, not chicken) for said carnivore as a special suprise treat. I then had to watch him eat all of this as well (homeade mac-n-cheese, Chili's buffalo wings, and Drumstix). I had a vegan mac-n-chreese. That's right, vegan cheese is often spelled chReese, you grammar nazis...

I'm hoping to reap the benefits of this good karma tomorrow, or I will find it hard to venture out into the world again and may just stay curled up in my bed. With knitting. With chocolate. And with my cats.