Monday, June 18, 2007

Hot Child in the City...

Is it too hot to knit? I'm thinking it just might be. This coming from a gal who knit regularly on the beach, the sun baking down, the sand sticking in the fibre despite careful attempts to keep sand and fibre seperate. What I'm lacking here in the city is a large body of water to jump into once the sun's rays get too close. I try and stick to the shady places now when knitting. That said, my house is shady but it still is in my mind TOO DAMN HOT TO KNIT! So instead you get this stuff that follows, enjoy!

My wonderful sister sent me a suprise package last week! A bracelet was in it and I've been showcasing it Vanna-style on my arm ever since. She also made this:
It's a towel with an owl--AND it rhymes! How fantastic is she? I'm using it as my altar cloth. Here is a cake I made yesterday:
It was good and may even be made again some day. I think this is a poppy in my yard and if so, am quite perplexed at how it got there:
Here is my guy watering our jungle, I mean, garden:
Here are baby 'maters:
Here is a day lily:
Here is my dilly patch:

Also--I feel like contacting the local police to report an assault. By Kennywood Park. I hurt and have many bruises two days after going. Still, it was worth it. And please don't be a narc and tell the cops I'm a klutz or my law suit will all be in vain...