Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cold Turkey

That's right, tonight I am going cold turkey: no daily E fix for me anymore. I used to come home, eat dinner and space out and watch E for a full hour. A full hour of mind-numbing updates about people who I probably would not really like very much anyway were I to actually meet them. Do I really need to worry about Britney's latest rehab stint or what Jennifer Hudson wore? Sure, I will of course continue to catch snippets of this info whilst watching The Soup but I am now freeing up a daily hour for more exciting stuff. Living my OWN life. Life is too short to worry about people who are selfish and wasteful. So what did I do so far with this hour? I cleaned out my closet and there are two bags of clothes by the door to take to the thrift store. Look out excitement...
Here is Quandary Bartholemieux:

Here is Quandary Bartholemieux + hat:

MUCH cuter! He at least can wear's a bit too small for me (lengthwise). I may try to find a child it fits rather than unravel it. Any takers out there? Who needs Hollywood anyway--I'm the designer to the Cat Stars!

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Kay is out of the hospital! She came home today, hopefully she'll keep resting and be much better soon. Will update more tomorrow...thanks for the positive thoughts! Blessed be~

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I haven't been writing or for the most part, knitting much as Kay is in the hospital, went to the ER Saturday and has remained in the hospital since. I've been visiting her, visiting Bill, helping Bill write out the checks cause Kay has always done it. Laundry will be next for me and Bill. They live about and hour and a half away which makes it a little more difficult. I did make them some Fat Tuesday Fudge, vegan of course, but alas, put in some peanuts which Bill did not appreciate. I'm also working, in the midst of trying to change jobs and dealing with a chipped molar that needs crowning so there is not much time between. I did start a small new design, will take pics of it and post soon. Please send some positive thoughts into the universe for Kay!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Big Reveal

Package received! Now I can show you what I sent without ruining the suprise:

Scarf, sleep shorts, Birthday Fortune Telling Book, Pacifica soap and hand-kit soap caddy.

Closeup of soap caddy/sachet/etc I designed

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Difference of a Day


Yesterday I felt Karma or something along those sorts might be working against me. Today I feel as if someone finally cued me into the plan and I can actually see choices before me.

It was a beautiful day! I did not venture into work as the streets and sidewalks were an icy mess. I was gifted two lovely soy candles and two vegan chocolate bars by my Valentine. We then took a walk around the block to the "main drag." The snow crunched under our feet with every step through the icy surface. The trees were beautiful with sparkling icicles on them. I couldn't help but feel sorry for the damage that often comes with this display. There were some cars braving the steep hill close to my house leading to the main drag--one truck made it 1/4 of the way up, spun, then drifted backwards to the foot of the hill, turning and heading in another direction.

My Valentine package to a certain someone did not arrive as promised by Priority Mail today. I am over the extra Priority fee; the past two times I've shipped something it did not appear to arrive any faster than the regular snail variety. Once it's received I'll post the pic of the contents.

Knitting news---kinda slow. I did (I think) crochet around the stockinette scarf. My attempt was (I think) double crochet. It still rolls terribly and does not appear salvagable. I think I need to cast on for a new project and come back to this disaster later, I have grown bored and tired and discouraged and cranky with her. Hmmm...the connection with knitting something and your feelings always amazes me. Now that I've written it out, I realize the above statement is exactly how I feel about the intended recipient of this scarf. I need to tune into my subconscious a little more, methinks. Not tonight though--I'll be watching the Real World and Maui Fever. A girl needs a break now and then, no?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day

So guess who took the day off work to go to a job interview today, only to have the person conducting said interview call and cancel due to inclement weather? Now there is no blame towards the person cancelling; my gripe is with karma. Seems karma has been doling out some paybacks to me recently. I plan to reflect more on this privately.

I did finally sew the rather large hole on a pillow that rests on our couch and sewed two patches on an old pair of jeans, readying them for more work on the house this spring. There will be many projects to get to and the least I can do is be prepared. I made me some vegan scalloped potatos for dinner, they were yummy. That's about it. I watched the snow come down for hours and saw it pile up on the walk, on the drive, on the lawn, on the trees.

I think I may try to figure out some crochet tonight to finally finish the Scarf that Will Not Finish. Hopefully, this 2nd version will be ok and I will not have to plan and knit a 3rd, I'm rather bored of this project by now.

Here was the mail on Saturday when I came home from Knit Fest 3000:

That's Knit 1, Interweave Knits and the fest flyer with model Isabella Maria in her favorite nest (aka new couch).

I did mail out a package to someone, looked like this:

Hopefully they will receive it in time for Valentine's and I can then reveal to you the contents of the package.

Well, I'm figuring on account of Karma, I will probably not have a snow day tomorrow as I have not taken the day off work in advance. So off to watch some bad TV and attempt some self-taught crochet. Yes, I lead an adventurous life...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Knit Fest or Knot?

Wanted to post a review of the 3rd Annual Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Fest. On Saturday morning, I arrived at the Crowne Plaza for the event around 10:45 AM. I spent about 10 minutes circling a packed parking lot before giving up and parking illegally at the neighboring bank branch lot. Yes, I will chance towing for yarn. I walked towards the hotel and an older man passed me in the frigid wind, wearing a beautiful knitting hat, and exclaimed, "you need a hat!" I entered the hotel and was steered through a crowd to pay a $15 fee to enter the event. I inquired about where the free crochet class was; the young woman who took my money blushed and told me she had no idea, she had only been there for two hours. I then overheard some women gathered around a table to the right talking about the class so I ventured over there, without any help from Ms. Red-Haired-Only-Been-Here-Two-Hours. I was told the class was filled and there was one available at 3PM.

I then headed over to the many booths displaying fiber. I was sandwiched between women of all ages, shapes and sizes fighting to gaze at skeins and square needles and buttons. They walked in all directions and some heaved heavy purses into my side as they pushed by in the fibre frenzy. I noted that most of the yarn was wool. Or silk. Or wool and silk. Seems that's what most knitters prefer, and the more expensive the better. Oh, I did find a booth with hemp skeins but for the most part, could not get close to even look at fibre much less read the ball bands to determine if it was animal, vegetable or mineral. I squeezed through the crowd like toothpaste, garnering many dirty looks from the serious craftsters who did not appreciate my fast and stealthy ways.

I finally ended up near the raffle table and was filling out my info for prizes when I heard someone say my name. I looked up and it was none other than Laurie, of Still My Life, With Knitting fame. She and her friend had just arrived. I told my tale of being denied entry to the free crochet class and they kindly offered to teach me at the group they attend every other week. With that, I left the 3rd Annual Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Fest and ventured back into the cold, to continue my search for vegan yarn.

So I am happy to know there are many knitters and/or crocheters in the area. I am just feeling this event wasn't really for me. I may need to start a Vegan Yarn Extravaganza of my own. I bet even the non-vegan knitters and hookers would show up because Yarn would still be in the title. Maybe PETA would have a booth there too. And lots of tasty vegan vittles. And some beer too. That would really make things exciting, wouldn't it? I just have to work on the funding...

Friday, February 02, 2007


Just a shout out to Teresa for answering my question about stockinette and crochet. You have given my scarf the will to live. Everyone should also check out her blog here, she's one cool mama!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

'lil twin scarves

So here it is, full circle again...laundry. How does it always sneak up on you? Only one load left in the dryer and I'm done so I guess the worst is over.

Things have been a little rocky lately. I'm feeling a little drained and disorganized and hope I can catch up on sleep and those little details this weekend. My guy has been gone for over a week and a half and may come back home tomorrow, depending on how fast they complete their current job. I miss him but tonight I am almost mourning the loss of my independance again, the quiet of the home, the ability to concentrate totally without hearing the tv, long baths without worrying about whether someone may need to use the loo.

I am also enjoying the company of my family and my friends. Here are some pics from the past weekend of the Ice Festival in Ligonier that Kay and I experienced:

Here are some photos of two scarves. The one on the left is still on the needles, straight stockinette, hoping to crochet around the perimeter and have it magically no longer roll. Anyone of the possibly two people reading this blog know if that will even work? The one on the right I don't really like, hence the second version on the left. We'll see.

Here is a pic of my amaryllis with the snow in the background. It has two more buds too! May last well into March at this rate, feels like some tropical escape in here with it gracing the table.

Last, pic of my new owl ornament that will probably hang in this doorway until Yule comes by again.

The new knitty suprises are really pretty, I am in love with the thermal sweater, may have to substitute some vegan yarn for the wool and knit her up. Payday is tomorrow, maybe I can go yarn shopping over the weekend.

Happy Imbolc!!!