Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Difference of a Day


Yesterday I felt Karma or something along those sorts might be working against me. Today I feel as if someone finally cued me into the plan and I can actually see choices before me.

It was a beautiful day! I did not venture into work as the streets and sidewalks were an icy mess. I was gifted two lovely soy candles and two vegan chocolate bars by my Valentine. We then took a walk around the block to the "main drag." The snow crunched under our feet with every step through the icy surface. The trees were beautiful with sparkling icicles on them. I couldn't help but feel sorry for the damage that often comes with this display. There were some cars braving the steep hill close to my house leading to the main drag--one truck made it 1/4 of the way up, spun, then drifted backwards to the foot of the hill, turning and heading in another direction.

My Valentine package to a certain someone did not arrive as promised by Priority Mail today. I am over the extra Priority fee; the past two times I've shipped something it did not appear to arrive any faster than the regular snail variety. Once it's received I'll post the pic of the contents.

Knitting news---kinda slow. I did (I think) crochet around the stockinette scarf. My attempt was (I think) double crochet. It still rolls terribly and does not appear salvagable. I think I need to cast on for a new project and come back to this disaster later, I have grown bored and tired and discouraged and cranky with her. Hmmm...the connection with knitting something and your feelings always amazes me. Now that I've written it out, I realize the above statement is exactly how I feel about the intended recipient of this scarf. I need to tune into my subconscious a little more, methinks. Not tonight though--I'll be watching the Real World and Maui Fever. A girl needs a break now and then, no?


Laura said...

Look at all that snow! I would love to have some of that here! :-)

Patricia said...

So you're back--I'll have to check out your blog tonight. The snow melted a bit the last couple days but it's cold and snowing again as I type this. I was hoping it was the end, but looks like we are in for an encore...