Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Dahlia Field

Green Man
Up late baking some yummy autumnal goodness so I thought I'd quickly post about our day. The Wee One and I went to Phipp's Conservatory for FREE!!! That's right, for FREE.

We had a great time and I wanted to let everyone in the Pittsburgh area know how many great things are scheduled to take place and they are all free! Go HERE for the calendar and information on the RAD program. One of the best things about living here, at least in my humble oppinion, is all of the great cultural, artistic and historic opportunities we have within our reach (oh, and also the Penguins and Steelers of course). This is a way to check out some really great things--the Carnegie museums, the National Aviary, Pittsburgh Filmmakers screenings, dance troupes, opera, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and the Andy Warhol Museum, to name just a few offerings. These totally free events run through October 24th so there is probably an event and date that would work for anyone. I'll see you out there in the city!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Out of the Woods...

We are fresh back from camping in our favorite place for Nature Boy's Annual Birthday Camptacular. What fun we had! A full orange giant harvest moon. A roaring campfire with vegan s'mores. A tiny Wee camper who roamed the camp site and even hiked a bit in the forest on his own two little legs.

I will now reveal, with much fanfare, the Worthy Cause my Compassionate Craft Week efforts will be going to....

Pathways to Spirit's One Heart One Mind Program! You can read about this project HERE.

I had originally looked at a local domestic violence shelter for my Worthy Cause but upon reading their information online, it appears they really prefer new clothing items and I was not sure how happy a woman or child would be to receive a handmade sweater, nor did I feel I could finish one quickly. I decided maybe I should look at other programs but still felt strongly I wanted to do something to somehow empower women.

I scoured the net looking for projects and One Heart One Mind just called to me. I used to live in Colorado and this program operates from there. I feel these young girls who live on a reservation need to know that someone cares and feels sorry for what our ancestors did to their ancestors. I emailed Pathways to Spirit about my interest and got a response right away, letting me know they appreciate any items for the mothers and children but they really are in need of items for the newborns. They thanked me for my interest and also said I could feel free to spread the word about this program, so I'm giving them a bit of a plug here.

I'm really excited to plan out my little projects and see how many of them I can accomplish in a week! Friday, October 1st is the official start date so I will post here and on Ravelry to update on my progress. Wish me luck!

Is anyone out there participating in Compassionate Craft Week? What items have you made for charity in the past? What groups have you made things for?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Merry Belated

I had been planning to wish everyone a Merry Mabon on Thursday, however, a quick moving storm came to Knitsburgh Wednesday afternoon and knocked out our power. We did get the power back yesterday but we had much to do to get caught up on our chores.

It was kind of nice to have no power for a bit...just some hurricane lamps and candles and a radio. I will say I did miss it soon though, especially my clothes washer!

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of autumn and has a fantastic weekend!

PS--I am now quite sure on my Compassionate Craft Week cause--will update you next week!

Monday, September 20, 2010

To Catch You Up

Wow, it's been a crazy few weeks! Where do I start?

Here! We went to our old stomping ground and had such a great time. Wee One met the ocean and seemed quite excited to be doing so. He played in the sand, swam in the ocean and splashed in the surf. He picked up shells and enjoyed finding sea water inside upside down clam shells. A yellow bucket and gray shovel were sadly lost at sea; we only hope wherever they washed up, they were found and used by another. I connected with some old friends too although it was brief (hi Felicia, hope you are enjoying lunch today!). We really do miss it there!

We also announced to family and friends another Wee One is going to be making his or her way to Knitsburgh. We are quite excited but at times I find myself tired and nauseous so I've been trying to rest more than usual.

The above two statements might explain why I have not been the most regular blogger of late. Secrecy (I didn't want to lead every burglar to the Estate door by blabbing how I was going out of town or posting while I was away, nor did I want to blow our cover until we told the fam about our new Wee) certainly played a role as well. I admit, I also have had little to no interest in knitting or crafting but I am hopeful once the nausea departs, I will be back to my usual crafty self.

So I leave you much where you had known me to be; in the midst of a damn near unending Every Way Wrap. There is only one way I want it and that is finished. I've been reading like some mad woman too and that definitely cuts into the knit. Three historical fiction novels by Sally Gunning (in reverse order of course, how like me...)and a fiction novel on Charlotte Bronte's life. We visited the library today and now I have three more books to divert my attention. At least I knit a bit on the wrap last night.

I do hope to get a fire under me soon as Compassionate Craft Week is coming up. I need to get my final project idea down (I have some vague thoughts on this already but need to shore them up a bit). I will try and keep you posted on this and hey, it you are crafting for this week too, I'll see you on Ravelry!