Wednesday, September 19, 2007


We all do it. We show-off. Like the time you were the in the winterguard and you were practicing next to another team and you started throwing up some perfect 4's just cause you could. Like the time you outdid everyone in the 4th grade when you flipped around and around on the monkey bars 20 consecutive times, setting a record and bruising the back of your right knee in the process. The big bruise didn't matter, because you were the best. For that afternoon, at least. Well, I'm gonna do it again here.
Here it is rolled up:

Rolled up with Madison:


Unrolled and opening:

Unrolled and opening with Quandary:

Fully open sans Quandary:

I can fit most of my straights and double-pointed needles in the front, will also add my crochet hooks. I will admit, it took forever in my mind to get the design down so that you didn't see the seams from the needle pockets on the outside. The bonus was after I finished it, the solution to keep the seams hidden also created a big, giant pocket BEHIND the needle pockets. Enough to put a large sketch book, maybe some patterns, even yarn and a project or too! So I think I will also add on a strap so I can use it as a messenger-style project bag. Now, I am no seamstress and close inspection shows some less-than-perfect skills but hell, this is the best damn sewing project I have ever finished so I am a showin' it off!

Still working on my three rotating knitting projects too, not to worry. I'll post some pics of them later this week. And when I finish the needlecase modification and have a case and/or bag, I'll be showin' it off again. Unabashedly. Don't worry, I go to work later so someone out there will put my ego back in check.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's Britney Bitch!

Or at least me...sorry for the extended vay-cay from bloggy-land. Just enjoying the end of summer to it's fullest!

So our floors were refinished by the man. They turned out pretty well, he does good work. I'm still searching for just the right rug for the dining room. He also scored us a new computer armoire so all this hi-tech stuff can be shut away, making our dining room look a bit more tidy and ol' fashioned. The way we likes it.



So the Reign of Chaos is just about over. No cat tracks in the varnish and the furry ones survived a major lock up in the 2nd floor without a hitch. They are so good!!! If only they realized mere cardboard and duct tape had seperated them from exciting kitty mayhem...but alas, they were duped.

In the meantime, the Knit went ON!! I did score me some Maizy, which is a lovely fibre made of corn and I am sockin' it to the knit world! I'm still on the first sock and hope I can keep on going through the 2nd but some other fibre also distracted me and I have started a sweater (ahem, of my own design) for moi. I have 3 projects I am rotating right now. So much for keeping things simple and ending the chaos...

Here is my sock with my awesome new owl-y teapot to match my little owl-y tea cups. Plus my vegan oatmeal-chocolate chip-coconut cookies.

We are also about up to our eyeballs in tomatoes! Anyone want any? Also the eggplants have proven quite tasty, especially when served up as Eggplant Parmesan, Vegan Style!

So that adds most of it up in there. Sure, there was a visit from my sissy and Irish Fest and other fun thrown in between but one can only stand to type so much at a time. Enjoy the last days of summer kids, Mabon is around the corner and then on to Samhain. There was already a chill in the air today...