Friday, October 30, 2009

Poison Poppet?

So I had a frustrating family-related phone call earlier in the day. So frustrating that as I sewed up the final accessory to Wee One's Samhain/Halloween costume, I began thinking horrible thoughts as I stabbed the needle through the fabric. I realized what I was doing near the end and while I stuffed it and sewed the final seam closed, I tried to focus on more positive things to hopefully correct it. Now I'm almost afraid to give it to the Wee One; will my awful angry thoughts poison his little poppet?

It's hard to vent about these things. I can't call other family members to speak of this as there is already more than enough family drama to make a reality-type show. Nature Boy, sweet and wonderful as he is, does not do well with my venting. He will listen of course but does not say very much and often changes the topic, the result being I still don't feel heard. There is nowhere to take it but inside sometimes and for the record, that really bites.

Ok so now that I have vented about not having a satisfying vent and then using Wee One's accessory as a physical outlet for my pent-up howling angst, I should probably unveil the Wee One's costurm for tomorrow. Behold, The Costume:
That's right, the Wee One is an acorn! (PLEASE tell me you knew what he was going to be just by seeing the pictures and not because I told you; PLEASE).

Ok, the details. Feel free to skip ahead if this is boring. I made a pattern by tracing some clothing that fits Wee One for the shirt. The bottom is elasticized in an attempt to create a "rounded" body that suggests acorn. The acorn cap is made in a beret style. I first sewed the diagonal lines on the material for the top, then sewed the hat added a little stem. I made a pattern for some oak leaves, cut them from felt and made the veins by embroidering in running stitch. I embroidered an acorn on the pocket, then decided there needed to be a little friend in that pocket, to give courage to a first-timer Trick-O'-Treater. There were also some shoes made based on THIS PATTERN by Heather Bailey. They were quite fun and fast and I think I might make some more in the future.

There were also some cupcakes (vegan of course) which were needed most definately after my morning; I had one and am trying not to have another until at least tomorrow...

Wish the Wee One luck tomorrow as he goes forth into the night to secure some treats he does not have the teeth to yet consume. That's right, he does it for the glory. Not gorey, GLORY.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I'm not going to say much about it except I've been working really hard on something. It's for Samhain or Halloween. It's a Wee Costume. I think it still looks better in my mind's eye than in person, but Nature Boy keeps insisting it looks good. Once I'm done and the big day gets here, I will show you. It's involving some sewing which again is not my forte but a girl needs to branch out at times.

So I did finally finish the 2nd Punkin' Hat, this one for Wee One. I think he likes it!

He also likes swinging the Terrible Towel on game days with his game face on:
I also have a sad sad confession to make. I check out lots of books at the library, mostly crafty books, some fiction as well to read too. I placed a hold on a novel way back at the beginning of the summer, which apparently was in such high demand it just now came to me this week! The smirk on the young librarian's face as I checked it out was perfect; I smiled back and proudly walked out the door with it. What was it you ask? L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad of the reality show (sort of) on MTV called the Hills. It says TEEN FICTION on a sticker along its spine. Why am I admitting this? I really don't know!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Should've been a punkin' hat...

Here is the Forest Footfall Sock #1, completed this past week. Not in time for the birthday of Nature Boy. I also showed him the sock already so they are no longer a secret project and can be worked on when he is around. That opens up evenings, weekends and car trips--hooray!

The Wee One's Yuletyde Stocking is right about where I left it plus about another 5 rounds. Seems I have taken a knitting hibernation of sorts in the past couple of weeks. Don't worry, it happens and I have not forgotten about it.

One thing that distracted me was the completion is pictured next. It's a poncho to use when breastfeeding on the lam. I have yet to even use it yet (I seem to just grab the blanket) but it's packed in the diaper bag, ready for an opportunity. The Wee One has gotten far better at grabbing things and we've had some close calls with him pulling at the blanket when I'm trying to get things all aligned under it, if you know what I mean.

I found the pattern in a book I checked out from the library called Crafty Mama. In it she uses fleece to make it no-sew. I used some fabric I have oodles of to make it cost nothing, hence the need for the sewing machine.
I also cast on for a Punkin' Hat for the Wee One, but a little bigger so it will fit his ever-increasing noggin. Here are some pics of him in the Punkin' Patch--I know, he really should have had his punkin' hat on here...