Friday, October 30, 2009

Poison Poppet?

So I had a frustrating family-related phone call earlier in the day. So frustrating that as I sewed up the final accessory to Wee One's Samhain/Halloween costume, I began thinking horrible thoughts as I stabbed the needle through the fabric. I realized what I was doing near the end and while I stuffed it and sewed the final seam closed, I tried to focus on more positive things to hopefully correct it. Now I'm almost afraid to give it to the Wee One; will my awful angry thoughts poison his little poppet?

It's hard to vent about these things. I can't call other family members to speak of this as there is already more than enough family drama to make a reality-type show. Nature Boy, sweet and wonderful as he is, does not do well with my venting. He will listen of course but does not say very much and often changes the topic, the result being I still don't feel heard. There is nowhere to take it but inside sometimes and for the record, that really bites.

Ok so now that I have vented about not having a satisfying vent and then using Wee One's accessory as a physical outlet for my pent-up howling angst, I should probably unveil the Wee One's costurm for tomorrow. Behold, The Costume:
That's right, the Wee One is an acorn! (PLEASE tell me you knew what he was going to be just by seeing the pictures and not because I told you; PLEASE).

Ok, the details. Feel free to skip ahead if this is boring. I made a pattern by tracing some clothing that fits Wee One for the shirt. The bottom is elasticized in an attempt to create a "rounded" body that suggests acorn. The acorn cap is made in a beret style. I first sewed the diagonal lines on the material for the top, then sewed the hat added a little stem. I made a pattern for some oak leaves, cut them from felt and made the veins by embroidering in running stitch. I embroidered an acorn on the pocket, then decided there needed to be a little friend in that pocket, to give courage to a first-timer Trick-O'-Treater. There were also some shoes made based on THIS PATTERN by Heather Bailey. They were quite fun and fast and I think I might make some more in the future.

There were also some cupcakes (vegan of course) which were needed most definately after my morning; I had one and am trying not to have another until at least tomorrow...

Wish the Wee One luck tomorrow as he goes forth into the night to secure some treats he does not have the teeth to yet consume. That's right, he does it for the glory. Not gorey, GLORY.


Laura said...

What a cute little acorn he will be! Oh my! You are fabulous!

I think that the little bit of angst does not counteract the all the other love that you put into making the outfit and I think that Wee One will be fine. Besides, it wasn't Wee One that the angst was about. If it makes you feel better you could always smudge the outfit (or just the little bit that you were working on) to clear away the negativity. :)
Happy Samhain Blessings to you, Nature Boy and Wee One.


Patricia said...

Thanks for the advice and sweet compliments Laura! Happy Belated Samhain to you.