Thursday, June 16, 2011

A quick show-n-tell session....

Sometimes I think the months of June and early July rival the Yuletyde season for our family. Lots of celebrations: birthdays, anniversaries, Father's Day and then the Fourth of July. Needless to say Ms. Knitsburgh has been quite busy with Old Girl (aka my sewing machine).

First, a little purse for a niece turning 16 sweet years...

Button closeup

Next, a Father's Day gift for Nature Boy. It's a laptop cover. I used the ideas for the measurements from this Prudent Baby project, but decided to not use bias tape. I did steal the picture from Gnome Enterprises (please check them out and maybe they won't sue me), made it into an iron on transfer and repurposed a grey t-shirt and an old striped dress shirt into the cover.

Button and quilting closeup


See? Computer fits inside all nice and snugly. Phew! Now onto the next batch of homemade silliness...

Saturday, June 04, 2011

So biased!

This post is for all of the millions of visitors this blog gets who have been waiting to see what I've been biased about these days. I'm so very sorry for my having kept you all up late wondering, tossing and turning about as your anxiety grows with the suspense. What could it all have been for, you asked?

For these!

Wee dresses for three wee lasses. I hope I have not ruined the surprise for anyone; the blue dresses were made for some sweet lasses who live in other parts of this grand world. They were made using a pattern from Prudent Baby, but modified to have bias tape ties for the straps as opposed to a ribbon threaded through a channel at the top to cinch it. I'm hoping the straps will help make it adjustable for some time, maybe even allowing them to be little shirts as the wee ones sprout upwards.

I also made Wee Too a blue dress but ran out of brown thread whilst sewing on the bias tape so until I acquire some more, it will sit on my sewing pile. No, you really don't want to see what my sewing pile looks like today! Damn, I was just in stupid Joanne Fabrics today too and neglected to pick up more thread!

Besides forgetting stuff, today we visited the Arts Festival downtown and had such a great day. A word of warning though; the food vendors aren't the greatest and Nature Boy shelled out $9 (yeah, that's not a typo) for ONE large French fry. It didn't even come in a plastic bucket like last year either. They were ok and we ate every one (of course we did, we spent 9 freakin' dollars on them!!!) but truth be told, would have been far better off to wait in line for some Primanti Brothers fries instead. Lesson learned!

We also had Ivan Stikman follow us home from the Kreepy Doll Factory booth as Wee Too's dolly. He is waiting to take a bath and once he is clean, will be hanging with Wee Too. If you go to the festival, check this booth out, we had a blast looking at all their names. Looks like we will be able to see him at some point in the sold dolls library!