Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lots of Firsts

Can't even say how many First This and First That we are experiencing but thought I'd quickly touch on one; First Trip to the Yarn Shoppe for Wee One!

We went last week. Sadly, the yarn I was after is no longer being sold there...except some lonely pink and purple-y skeins in the sale bin. One day maybe I will learn my lesson! Instead, we got some of this:
Some 2nd Time Cotton (my fave fibre) in a bright, fiery red color. I'm thinking baby hoodie...

Wee One slept most of the time, including the car ride to and fro, but did wake to poop whilst there. Hopefully that's not a sign of what he feels about the place!

I did knit a small bit last week and hope to do some more tonight. The Kimono Sweater is coming along, I am just going to knit until the yarn runs out and see where we are; I did find some of the yarn online and can order some up, hoping to have just enough somehow...

We worked on birth announcements this week and managed to finisht them, take a walk to the post office and mail them out today. I feel somehow very accomplished of late to be able to cross one or two things off my list. And be able to eat and shower. Those are really good things too!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wee One is HERE!!!!

Knitsburgh welcomes the Wee One!

He is so tiny and sweet and wonderful, I can't even say. I think he looks an awful lot like Nature Boy, his daddy. Especially his dimples and hands and feet.

I had an appointment to be induced chemically with pitocin at the hospital in the evening, however, my labor started naturally at 1AM that morning (you were right Affectioknit)! We got to the birth center at 9AM and I had him at 4:17 PM! We were home at 11:30PM that night, almost a full 24 hours from the time labor started. The birth was so wonderful, it was everything I had hoped for and more and I would recommend to anyone out there that they consider having a baby with midwives and at a birth center, for so many reasons. I am so thankful that women have many options and choices now and encourage women out there to consider them all and do what's best for them.

No knitting has transpired since the Wee One has arrived, but today we are making our first trip out to the LYS for you guessed it...yarn! I am typing this as I nurse him (don't ask) and may try to figure out a way to knit too. I nurse him about every 2 hours for 45 minutes, then there is a diaper change, then there is trying to eat some lunch or wash his nappies and hang them out to dry or tidying the house for the next grandparent visit so there is not a lot of time in there. I did manage to excercise about 1/2 an hour today too!

Things are so different now and so much better. Life is bliss, it really is!