Thursday, January 24, 2008

Drum Roll Please....TAH-DAH!!!!

Here, without further ado, is my latest finished SECRET PINK PROJECT:

They are slips for my sissy, in honor of her birthday which was yesterday. They are from the pattern in this book.

Said sister gave me the book last year and I figured it was high time I used it and made her something in return. Yeah, so now I can crochet too. As long as that book is near me, anyways. It's not to the level of me and knitting. Me and knitting, we're like this, I can knit with the eyes closed. We can hang out and do other stuff. Me and crochet, still getting to know one another.

Here is my knitting project for moi:

It's the Beachcombing pattern I made up last year for sissy's birthday; decided to make me a pair with the Rowan Calmer. Tha's my well-worn knitting project notebook with all my original patterns underneath.

My LYS now has advertised a NEW CORN FIBRE! My Maisy sock is still half made, chillin' on some needleage upstairs but I feel a need for MORE CORN!! AHHHHH! It's getting scary in here!

Speaking of, guess who decided to cut her own hair with regular old scissors on a whim? Yep, you are smart--it was me. Word to peeps--don't cut your own hair, ok? Sure it grows back but you will look like an arse until it does.

Also on the scary front I tried out a recipe for Bride's Bread (that's Bride as in the goddess, not me as in trying to get hitched). I wrote up a lil' something for a group I belong to and wanted to include this recipe but decided to try it first before putting it out there. I'm glad I did try it--here's how it looked:

It looked and smelled SO GOOD!!! I bit into a piece and hello too much salt and baking soda! I think it was a misprint in my book so I am not recommending this one! I think I'll try another recipe, then post it if it's good. By the way, it's for Imbolc which is coming up on Feb. 2nd and was a forerunner of sorts to Groundhog's Day and Candelmas.

Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADISON PENELOPE, my first-born baby daughter! She turned 11 years yesterday and spent the day doing her favorite thing:

Monday, January 21, 2008


A few weeks ago, a friend texted me an interesting question, which I will answer here. Anyone who has watched me agonizingly text anything longer than 5 words knows why I would rather post it here.

The Question: How do I feel about the "Mock Meat" family?

The Short Answer: Me likey!

The Long-Winded Explanation of My Reasoning: Basically, as a vegan, I eat tofu, seitan, beans or legumes combined with complex carbs to get my protein, for energy that lasts more that an hour and for muscle tone, good hair, skin and nails. You need the protein. You don't need it to moo at you. The mock meat group is normally thought of as a group of highly processed grains made to resemble in taste, texture and appearance a piece of meat. If you think this, you are mistaken.

Most products sold as mocks do not in fact taste like meat; they taste like the spices and flavors used to make meat taste good. Otherwise, you meat eaters out there would just boil up all your meat if it inherantly was so uber-tasty on it's own. It's not that good boiled because there isn't much flavor. Add some spices, or a sauce(BBQ, hot sauce) or pour some oil in and cover it in bread or flour and SHAZAMM--it's delicious!

So I see the mock fam memberage in the same light: on it's own, a block of tofu or chunk of seitan, while chock full of protein, tastes like nothing. It's what you add while you prepare it for the table that makes it delectable. I do use some mocks for short-cuts that are pre-made and in the freezer section of my store. They are good for the days when you work a 13-hour shift and stumble in the door after 9PM and can't fathom cooking but you are starving so that you hurt. Any time I have and can actually cook, I make seitan from scratch or use tofu from the supermarket. I love to spice it up, pour on some sauce, you name it. I made a tofu loaf recently, which you might consider a "mock meatloaf." You throw in some oatmeal, some spices (including catsup, just like mom would), onions and bake it. It gets crispy on the outside and is kinda moist inside. In that way it resembles a meatloaf but I would never say it tastes just like one. It gets sliced up in cold sandwiches as a good protein filler for when a gal needs a break from PB & J.

So that's my official stance on the mocks. Aren't you glad you asked?

1. My SECRET PINK PROJECT (my first crochet project ever) was mailed out for the intended recipient--stay tuned, once they get it I will post a finished pic.
2. I started a project for me--but I need to reconfigure. Once I get my camera back (Nature Boy has it on his trip to Russian Xmas--yeah, I stayed home and sat it out this year, no walnuts to the head for me, thanks)I'll clue ya in.
3. I am gearing up for the 4th ANNUAL PITTSBURGH KNIT AND CROCHET FEST!!! Fibre mayhem at it's best! Coming on Feb. 9th and 10th. Sounds like more yarn will be coming to live with me...I'll have to break it to the current tenants to make some more room.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008



And some of you thought I would say "men"--HA!
That's my new Rowan "Calmer" purchased at the LYS, Knit One. The saleswoman was all like, "oh, this is my favorite yarn, it's the CASHMERE of cotton" about three times. I wanted to yak but choked it back. And yeah, THAT rhymes!!

Here is a view of my new current project (mind you I still have a sweater lanquishing at the bottom of my knitting bag/purse which yes, is one and the same, as well as half a sock hanging around on the needles). I will give you more details at another time, but it is CROCHET, not knitting and yes, I think I am finally getting it!

Here's a pic of my latest COMPLETED work, a blankey. I got the word it was received so now I can talk about it. I took me an eon to finish, I seem to have difficulty in that area, and was not done in time for me to give the recipients in person, but hey, at least I finished it right? It's the thought that counts, right? Everyone loves a lil' suprise package in the mail, right? You can also see a lil'lavendar sachet I made to enclose with it.

Wow, the holidays beat me up this year! I got a mega-cold and survived yet another birthday. I got to see my family and friends and that was really nice. I didn't get to see everyone, maybe next year (hint to MIA sister of mine and to MIA Kimberfly). Kris Kringle was also really good to me, I got lots of geek-tacular stuff like my label-maker. I am labeling EVERYTHING in my way so watch out, you may be next. My cats all have labels on their heads right now, in fact.

I think that cathes you up from Thanksgiving through the New Year. Oh, and to vent about my New Year's Eve. We (again) went to the outdoor event at Station Square titled "Tick Tock Rock." First year was Brett Michaels (of Poison) and it was great fun. Second year was Winger and that provided an almost equally laughable good time. This year? The Gin Blossoms. It sucked! There was only one woman with giant hair and she wasn't even in the crowd, she was on the stage! I'm all for braving the cold for a really good band or a really hilarious romp through the 80's but for semi-grungy, depressing flannel-ridden lyrics and non-danceable music? Not again! Hope your New Year's Eve was a little more upbeat! HAPPY NEW YEAR!