Monday, March 31, 2008

Construction Zone

Nature Boy and I have been making some improvements to the estate, so pardon my absence as I am elsewhere occupied. When I come up for air, I will post some pics.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring!!!

Happy Vernal Equinox to All! I have sprouts!
My heirloom tomatoes, they came up yesterday.
I have new fibre!
That's some Soya Cotton DK from Sublime Yarns. It's really soft and it's 50% soy, 50% cotton and supplied by Nature Boy. I finally got around to using my Valentine's gift card. It's a nice rich shade of indigo and I believe I will be designing a sweater, maybe a cardigan, and already know the name but I don't have the "picture" of the sweater yet in my head. I hope to dream it up soon.

Speaking of dreams...I got the latest Vogue Knitting in the mail yesterday and want to make this: Now I need a dress like I need a hole in my head. I have right now upstairs three white dresses, three green, three blue, two gray, three black, one bright orange, one red, one brown and more shoved in the back of my closet in some plastic storage bags. What, you've never really seen me in a dress? I don't know why but I buy dresses on sale all the time and don't wear them. Well let it be known once it warms up this is to be the Year of the Dress. I will be sporting dresses every day, gardening in them, walking to the store in them, knitting in them. It will be quite a sight indeed!

I finally started the front of the Chemise last night. I am really anxious of late because Nature Boy's family is coming this weekend. If that's not enough to be anxious about, my family is coming on Easter Sunday to meet Nature Boy's family for the first time. We have been together about 15 years now and this is the first time they have met. I guess that's what happens when you refuse to get hitched! Of course we are cooking dinner too. So this vegan pagan will be cooking a ham and listening to stories of the resurrection of Christ whilst watching Ben Hur with lots of parental units. My plan? To keep my wine glass halfway to completely full at all times. If I never do post again, you all will know I met an untimely death at some point this weekend. Which may not be all bad after all...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Random Updates

-Yesterday I got an itchy eye at work that swelled up and looked like I'd been popped.
-Nature Boy did not notice above affliction when he came home.
-Both eyes are very itchy this AM--pink eye or hypochondria?
-It snowed again yesterday.
-Blessed my seeds in ritual on Sunday and we sowed the tomato, bell peppers, hot peppers and eggplants in our basement.
-Started a new Secret Project.
-Chemise lies untouched since her back was finished.
-I am disgusted by the lack of care towards the earth by so-called pagans.
-I am disgusted by the lack of care towards people by so-called pagans.
-I am overwhelmed by housework and errands in prep for the weekend.
-I have the entire weekend off!
-My sissy and her beau are coming to stay with us!
-I can't wait for a parade, beer and some good Celtic music!!!
-Lastly, where is my tax refund, Uncle Sam?????????

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Crime Wave Continues...

Here was the scene at Knitsburgh when I arrived after some tea-making in the kitchen:
Isabella Maria luxuriating and humming innocently above...
...a tangled web...

...of yarn.
Hmm, wonder how all of that happened? This girl cannot, I repeat, cannot be trusted! Don't look into those big green eyes and think she is an innocent. You might think Izzie is the youngest of the clan, with her kitten-like play, but you would be wrong in thinking that. Sorry to disappoint, but that's not all you may be wrong about today.

You might be thinking, with the crimes occurring at such an alarming rate in Knitsburgh no progress on the Chemise could possibly occur. You might assume the interogations and finger-printing would keep Ms. Knitsburgh a bit too busy to manage anything else. Here is the place...the place were you are wrong again!

Behold, the finised back of my Chemise!!!

Let this be a lesson to you. No amount of robbery, skull-duggery, thieving, mischieving or grafiti-ing will stop this mad, mad knittah!!! So take your gangsta ways, your punk-ass hi-jinx and your mob-like plots elsewhere, ya here?