Monday, January 26, 2009

New Moon, New Perspectives

So what does one do when they drag their arse into work on a Saturday morning and slave until midday, only to discover Nature Boy is not yet home from work himself?

One heads off to the yarn store and gets down with the fibre! I picked me a pretty bouquet of some cotton yummy-ness that also happened to be on sale. I got some very relaxed tones and then got some more exciting skeins in red and orange too.

The relaxed tones are going into the first sweater for the Wee One, from this pattern by Fawn Pea:

I started it yesterday and unlike the blanket, it is flying along. It seems so tiny, I can't believe a baby might fit into it soon!

The vibrant tones...I will reveal their purpose at some later date and time. After work and the yarn store, I ran to the market and then came home, gathered up Nature Boy and headed to Bill and Kay's for dinner. Yesterday instead of resting, I spent half the day decluttering and cleaning Knitsburgh, then relaxed on el-coucho with the little sweater. Nature Boy cooked me dinner too, isn't he sweet?

I never updated the world at large who flocks to read this regarding my cube troubles, but things have been much better. A few days after I posted about my "cube mate" our whole department had to move to another floor and were assigned new cubes. Now I sit a few cubes away from her and it's much easier to ignore her negativity. I love how things work themselves out! Thank you universe, you are truly amazing!

Plan for tonight: finish laundry, knit and watch Paranormal State. With a big bowl of soy ice cream and some crumbled up cookies and some chocolate syrup. Did I mention I'm pregnant?

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Apparently, Bruno was able to hold still for a bit while my sis squeezed him on into his sweater! He almost looks like he likes it. They also got some snow this past week where he lives, which is unusual.
I had my second ultrasound yesterday and so far, everything on the Wee One is looking good. I was really worried because one of my sissies was born with a cleft palate. You would never know it to see her today, she is gorgeous and can't even see any evidence of it, but as a child had to undergo surgeries to repair it from the time she was in infant til maybe she was 10 or 11. They were able to see that the Wee One does not have a cleft and I was quite relieved, knowing they would not have to go through what my brave sissy (and brave Kay) had to endure.
I am still working on the blankey--or not working on it most of the time. I am horrid at making blankets/Afghanistans/whatever your pet name for one is. They languish on my needles for days and weeks and months, maybe because they seem so neverending in the first place. I may need to gather more fibre this weekend and start something new and fresh to get me going, a sweater or hat or something more fulfilling pattern-wise and less daunting area-wise. Oh well, off to procrastinate some more...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I'm in a cube again. I work in a cubicle that is. A very cold cube so I am like an ice cube!

I've been around the cube before and inevitably, the experience is only about as good as your cubemate. The person who is across the way from you, the one who has three walls pointing someone else and one empty space pointing at you.

There have been good cubemates, and really awesome cubemates who might start talking to you after ignoring you for 6 months. They may function as your therapist at times. They might even keep in touch with you after you've both moved out of that office with the cube and found work in some other place. Maybe with a cube, maybe not.

Then there are the not so fun cubemates. The ones who breathe through their nose and it whistles but they never seem to notice and you have to talk to yourself nonstop in your head so you don't hear it anymore. The ones who play country music (sorry country fans) and maybe sing along. The ones who leave dirty cups and plates and forks lying around and then exclaim with surprise when there are fruit flies and roaches. The ones who tell you about scary personal things you really don't want to know about, like how the guy they picked up at the bar after work came home with them and they don't know their name, but don't worry, they told the guy all about the gun they have in the nightstand (!!!!). And yes, these are all true encounters of mine.

So I have a cube again. The cube itself is ok, except the weird window in it. My problem is the mate. She is very negative. I mean, the second I sit down I hear curse after curse upon curse about her job, about the work she reviews, about how stupid everyone on the planet except her is, about the temperature, about the air quality, about the hours, about the snow coming down. She throws dangerous lightning-bolt laced sentences at her computer screen, it's too slow, she can't take this anymore, let THEM (whoever THEY are) come and sit where she sits and see how long THEY can take it.

At this point, I am just visualizing a large bubble of protection around my person when I enter the Cubedom. I try not to react to any of it now. At first, I tried to make a joke or two to lighten things, tried to empathise with her, tried to problem-solve. None of these made a bit of difference so it's extinction this week. So far not much progress here either....

I've never liked many things that are cubes. Cube steak--yuck! Sugar cube--who wants your sugar all clumped up together? Rubick's cube--never did solve it except when I took off the stickers and restuck them to make it look like I did. Cubes.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Secret's out...

Many of you have been waiting breathlessly for the big reveal. What on earth could Ms. Knitsburgh have been secretly creating? Why was is such a big secret in the first place? What has taken her so long to update us?

Ms. Knitsburgh has again encountered some technical difficulties. This time it appears to have been a certain computer monitor that would operate fine at first, then go completely white whilst one was checking their email or trying to look up a recipe or some driving directions or even some information about a particular club...but that is now in the past. Nature Boy spoke to a neighbor of the estate, located in the north-western direction who happens to know about these things and produced...a new monitor! This kind neighbor has come to our rescue on many an occasion (yes, he does really drive a white steed, or truck, too) and seems to have more spare computer hardware that he gets for free and gives thusly than anyone I know! True, the "new" used monitor is too large to fit inside our little computer hutch, but hey it works and one can stay connected with the world at large again.

So, without further ado...Secret Project Number 1: The Bruno Sweater (modeled by Madison Penelope)

Secret Project Number 2: The Wee One Booties

Secret Project Number 3: The Wee One Blankie
The holidays were much fun and very joyful indeed. Bruno, my sister's pooch, came to stay for a bit with my sis and let me say, the kittens were not so very excited about this. Unfortunately I did not finish his sweater in time so I will be sending it soon. I don't know how very well it will fit either or how sissy will hold him still long enough to put it on him but we shall see...

On Christmas Eve Nature Boy and I told my family about our big secret project. A wee one. That's right, Knitsburgh will have a new resident this summer! We then drove out to see his family and made another big announcement for them. We then came back home and my other sissy stayed with us for New Year's.

So the booties. When I learned I was expecting, I knit a pair of booties and suprised Nature Boy with them when he came home from work. I was all like, "want to see my latest project?" and sweet man that he is he was all like "sure" even though he probably does not really get as excited as I do about knitting. We continued the trend when three months later we could tell the fam. Both our moms opened a little box with a pair of hand-knit booties as did my one sis from another state (over the phone on Christmas Eve). Now I'm working on a blankey and have so many other little projects in my head to sew and knit and paint and whatever!

Those are most of the secrets. There are still others but a girl can't tell everything. She has to keep some for herself too.