Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Secret's out...

Many of you have been waiting breathlessly for the big reveal. What on earth could Ms. Knitsburgh have been secretly creating? Why was is such a big secret in the first place? What has taken her so long to update us?

Ms. Knitsburgh has again encountered some technical difficulties. This time it appears to have been a certain computer monitor that would operate fine at first, then go completely white whilst one was checking their email or trying to look up a recipe or some driving directions or even some information about a particular club...but that is now in the past. Nature Boy spoke to a neighbor of the estate, located in the north-western direction who happens to know about these things and produced...a new monitor! This kind neighbor has come to our rescue on many an occasion (yes, he does really drive a white steed, or truck, too) and seems to have more spare computer hardware that he gets for free and gives thusly than anyone I know! True, the "new" used monitor is too large to fit inside our little computer hutch, but hey it works and one can stay connected with the world at large again.

So, without further ado...Secret Project Number 1: The Bruno Sweater (modeled by Madison Penelope)

Secret Project Number 2: The Wee One Booties

Secret Project Number 3: The Wee One Blankie
The holidays were much fun and very joyful indeed. Bruno, my sister's pooch, came to stay for a bit with my sis and let me say, the kittens were not so very excited about this. Unfortunately I did not finish his sweater in time so I will be sending it soon. I don't know how very well it will fit either or how sissy will hold him still long enough to put it on him but we shall see...

On Christmas Eve Nature Boy and I told my family about our big secret project. A wee one. That's right, Knitsburgh will have a new resident this summer! We then drove out to see his family and made another big announcement for them. We then came back home and my other sissy stayed with us for New Year's.

So the booties. When I learned I was expecting, I knit a pair of booties and suprised Nature Boy with them when he came home from work. I was all like, "want to see my latest project?" and sweet man that he is he was all like "sure" even though he probably does not really get as excited as I do about knitting. We continued the trend when three months later we could tell the fam. Both our moms opened a little box with a pair of hand-knit booties as did my one sis from another state (over the phone on Christmas Eve). Now I'm working on a blankey and have so many other little projects in my head to sew and knit and paint and whatever!

Those are most of the secrets. There are still others but a girl can't tell everything. She has to keep some for herself too.


Reilly! said...

I'm SO so so so happy for you! My brain nearly exploded from the cuteness that you will be knitting in the next few months!

Congratulations! ^_^

Patricia said...

thanks Reilly! Miss you!

Laura said...

Congratulations! That is great news! :-)