Monday, January 26, 2009

New Moon, New Perspectives

So what does one do when they drag their arse into work on a Saturday morning and slave until midday, only to discover Nature Boy is not yet home from work himself?

One heads off to the yarn store and gets down with the fibre! I picked me a pretty bouquet of some cotton yummy-ness that also happened to be on sale. I got some very relaxed tones and then got some more exciting skeins in red and orange too.

The relaxed tones are going into the first sweater for the Wee One, from this pattern by Fawn Pea:

I started it yesterday and unlike the blanket, it is flying along. It seems so tiny, I can't believe a baby might fit into it soon!

The vibrant tones...I will reveal their purpose at some later date and time. After work and the yarn store, I ran to the market and then came home, gathered up Nature Boy and headed to Bill and Kay's for dinner. Yesterday instead of resting, I spent half the day decluttering and cleaning Knitsburgh, then relaxed on el-coucho with the little sweater. Nature Boy cooked me dinner too, isn't he sweet?

I never updated the world at large who flocks to read this regarding my cube troubles, but things have been much better. A few days after I posted about my "cube mate" our whole department had to move to another floor and were assigned new cubes. Now I sit a few cubes away from her and it's much easier to ignore her negativity. I love how things work themselves out! Thank you universe, you are truly amazing!

Plan for tonight: finish laundry, knit and watch Paranormal State. With a big bowl of soy ice cream and some crumbled up cookies and some chocolate syrup. Did I mention I'm pregnant?


Dracenea said...

Glad to hear the cube situation worked itself out! I'm watching Paranormal State right now. hee hee

affectioknit said...

The sweater is super cute!

Laura said...

the sweater is really cute... can't wait to see it finished and to see what else you make for the wee one. i'm glad cubeland is a little better... :-)

Deborah said...

Love the baby sweater! I am making the same one for a co worker. She knows it is a boy, so I am doing it 2 shades of blue and white. It is a really cute pattern.