Friday, November 23, 2007

The Giving of Thanks

I am cameraless in PA, so please know the ranbling with continue without the scenery. If you run away now, I won't be mad.

I have no camera cause Nature Boy took it home. I am obviously not there with him, so you ask, what's up, Ms. Knitsburgh?

This leads us head-first into the tale of My Thanksgiving 2007.

Once upon a time, it was the week of Thanksgiving. Ms. Knitsburgh went into a flurry of business. She cleaned her entire home on Monday morning after waking up with the birds, then went to work from 12PM to 8PM. She came home, slept, then worked a 14 1/2 hour shift (that's right, 8AM-10:30PM) on Tuesday. Ms. Knitsburgh was entirely worn out despite seeing 6 adorable baby kittens and some very cute dogs. Ms. Knitsburgh also found out that Nature Boy would be spending the rest of the week with his family as Nature Boy's father's health has declined.

On Wednesday, you expect Ms. Knitsburgh would have rested, right? Wrong! Ms. Knitsburgh was up at 7AM, made a shopping list and went to TWO, that's right, TWO markets before returning home at 9:30AM. Ms. Knitsburgh then made three pies (two vegan pumpkin, one vegan cherry), vegan stuffing and vegan green bean casserole. She then made some southern-fried tofu, showered, packed for her trip and gathered her food together. Ms. Knitsburgh also fed, watered and scooped for her five furry babies before heading out on her journey to Bill and Kay's.

Along the way, Ms. Knitsburgh encountered a liquor store and snatched up some bottles quickly. Ms. Knitsburgh made it to Bill and Kay's by 5PM. She had an enjoyable evening, catching up and seeing the new homestead improvements. One improvement was the bathroom; after years of growing up with two sisters and one bathroom with only a bathtub, a shower has finally been installed!

The next morning, Ms. Knitsburgh watched the Macy's parade, assisted with feast prep, and welcomed her favorite aunt and uncle! She feasted heartily, then ran out the door to drive back to Knitsburghville and then straight to work. Ms. Knitsburgh worked 4PM-12:30AM, then drove back home, crawled into bed and thanked the Goddess for some well-deserved rest. Ms. Knitsburgh awoke to find a lovely dusting of fresh snow on the ground as big chunky flakes fell quietly from the gray sky. Peace at last!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Thought I would showcase my current projects, as modeled by my friend:

I also saw this lil' cutie today; how bad will our winter be?

Here's a shot of the "amunition" for tonight, Nature Boy stocked us up good this year after we ran out last year and had to turn out the lights and pretend we weren't home.

Here's Nature Boy with some of the local wildlife:

Ok, got to get to the they come...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happiness Abounds Once More...

Not to worry friends, our heroine finds herself surrounded by glee following some deep meditation and soul-searching. What did she learn? Plenty (as follows in no particular order--much like her mind).

1. You can't worry about other people's crap.
2. Knitting makes things better.
3. If you are cold, put on a warm sweater and smile.
4. My current project FITS so far!!!
5. Yule will be FANTASTICAL!!!
6. If you are cold, pick up a cat, any cat within reach, and snuggle them good.
7. When it is cold, cats will gravitate naturally to your lap, or head, or chest, or legs, or arms, or butt...
8. Eating dinner with friends is a great use of time.
9. Work will be work, period.
10. A tatoo can be an engagment ring of sorts, if you let it.
11. Blueberry beer is good, but shouldn't be used on pancakes in the AM. PM would be fine.
12. It's great to be here today.
13. Acorns are the best.
14. If you break too many orange string lights between the screen door on your way in and out, the whole line will stop working, so be prepared for you holiday display to be a little less dramatic.
15. A skeleton on the porch swing will make up for the loss of drama in #14.
16. Plants should be invited inside BEFORE a hard frost.
17. The grocery store does not owe it to you to have your favorite tea in stock at all times.
18. Pomegranites are good but can be messy and take a while to eat.
19. Both sides of a magnet will not always work so don't glue things to both sides to make it a magnet for your dishwasher that says "CLEAN" on one side and "DIRTY" on the other unless you test both sides first.
20. Football is boring unless the Steelers are playing.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pondering Psychic Vampires

When do you decide to just cut someone or something out of your life? When it gets to the point where people are just negative and are taking more energy from you than they put forth? Or do you hunker down and see if the storm blows over? I joined a group almost a year ago and this group has recently grown and things have changed. From my perspective it seems to be due to one person in particular; others in my group do not seem to mind the things she does and says. Still others are being hurt by her words and actions. Right now I am trying to stand up to her but am feeling I may need to part ways as I am not really getting what I would like from this group right now. The funniest part is I am the treasurer!!! The girl who doesn't even balance her own checkbook!

Sorry for the down topic here; in a day or so I will be right again. This time of year is hard for me, the letting go of summer is a bit depressing. At least we have Samhain/Halloween coming up...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Happy Camper!

Went camping with Nature Boy (his b-day celebration)and had a fantastic time! Here are some moments for you to enjoy:

What's new with the knit? Not much; I may have to consider renaming this blog if this keeps up! Here is a bit of sorta knit related stuff for you to ogle that I took with me camping and touched nary a time:
Oh and Bigfoot eluded me yet again but if you are reading this, Big, I will find you, mark my words I will! And to that bear I thought I heard growling at night--stay away from my tent and let me sleep. (others in the camping party believed the growling was actually a motorcyle--passhaw, how silly are they!!!).

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


We all do it. We show-off. Like the time you were the in the winterguard and you were practicing next to another team and you started throwing up some perfect 4's just cause you could. Like the time you outdid everyone in the 4th grade when you flipped around and around on the monkey bars 20 consecutive times, setting a record and bruising the back of your right knee in the process. The big bruise didn't matter, because you were the best. For that afternoon, at least. Well, I'm gonna do it again here.
Here it is rolled up:

Rolled up with Madison:


Unrolled and opening:

Unrolled and opening with Quandary:

Fully open sans Quandary:

I can fit most of my straights and double-pointed needles in the front, will also add my crochet hooks. I will admit, it took forever in my mind to get the design down so that you didn't see the seams from the needle pockets on the outside. The bonus was after I finished it, the solution to keep the seams hidden also created a big, giant pocket BEHIND the needle pockets. Enough to put a large sketch book, maybe some patterns, even yarn and a project or too! So I think I will also add on a strap so I can use it as a messenger-style project bag. Now, I am no seamstress and close inspection shows some less-than-perfect skills but hell, this is the best damn sewing project I have ever finished so I am a showin' it off!

Still working on my three rotating knitting projects too, not to worry. I'll post some pics of them later this week. And when I finish the needlecase modification and have a case and/or bag, I'll be showin' it off again. Unabashedly. Don't worry, I go to work later so someone out there will put my ego back in check.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's Britney Bitch!

Or at least me...sorry for the extended vay-cay from bloggy-land. Just enjoying the end of summer to it's fullest!

So our floors were refinished by the man. They turned out pretty well, he does good work. I'm still searching for just the right rug for the dining room. He also scored us a new computer armoire so all this hi-tech stuff can be shut away, making our dining room look a bit more tidy and ol' fashioned. The way we likes it.



So the Reign of Chaos is just about over. No cat tracks in the varnish and the furry ones survived a major lock up in the 2nd floor without a hitch. They are so good!!! If only they realized mere cardboard and duct tape had seperated them from exciting kitty mayhem...but alas, they were duped.

In the meantime, the Knit went ON!! I did score me some Maizy, which is a lovely fibre made of corn and I am sockin' it to the knit world! I'm still on the first sock and hope I can keep on going through the 2nd but some other fibre also distracted me and I have started a sweater (ahem, of my own design) for moi. I have 3 projects I am rotating right now. So much for keeping things simple and ending the chaos...

Here is my sock with my awesome new owl-y teapot to match my little owl-y tea cups. Plus my vegan oatmeal-chocolate chip-coconut cookies.

We are also about up to our eyeballs in tomatoes! Anyone want any? Also the eggplants have proven quite tasty, especially when served up as Eggplant Parmesan, Vegan Style!

So that adds most of it up in there. Sure, there was a visit from my sissy and Irish Fest and other fun thrown in between but one can only stand to type so much at a time. Enjoy the last days of summer kids, Mabon is around the corner and then on to Samhain. There was already a chill in the air today...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where have you been?

Not to worry, all is well;
'Cept the place where I do dwell.
First all was turned upside-down;
then the sanding turned it brown.
Stain and varnish, three coats in all;
Goodbye summer, hello fall.

I will further elaborate with pictures at a later juncture. I will also provide the Knitting Update. Lastly, GO STEELERS!!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Good & The Bad

This came for me today! Can't wait to lie down after I water the garden and the kittens and soak it all in!

Worked a twelve-hour shift in which a caller making an appointment for her pooch discussed her dog's bowel movements in very graphic terms, then discussed his habit of eating the fecal matter of his two siblings thusly:
"he's out in the yard with it like filet mignon, or somethin!"


Wednesday, August 01, 2007


You can read more about Lammas HERE.

Following is the rundown of my life during the past two weeks. Note there were other things that occurred as well, this is shall we say the short list.

1. New job.
I switched jobs and am now earning less money but am MUCH happier. A weight has lifted from my shoulders and I don't dread waking up in the morning anymore. I work with people and animals in a vet hospital and am enjoying being respected and valued by the people I work for and with. No more wasted energy driving all over the earth spewing toxic fumes in the air to find a parent avoiding me. Those who want or need something come to me where I willingly help them. Plus I am being trained by Kirsten Dunst (an exact replica; she looks, acts, and sounds like her. BRING IT ON!!!).

2. Camping in Erie
The man and I went camping for the first time to Erie. LOVED the lake, it was gorgeous and reminded me a bit of the ocean, especially the first night when we went swimming and the waves were crazy. We went on a pagan trip with two other friends who didn't help much with finding firewood and the like. On the last day, I really got peeved over some things they said as well involving the garbage and leaving it there. I mean, you call yourself a pagan and you want to disrespect mother earth?!? So me and the man walked the garbage ourselves to the main entrance where the dumpster was located while they got in their car and sat on their duffs. That kind of sums up their presence. Can't wait to go back again, without them!!!

3. Cats
Saw the musical Cats for the 1st time at the Benedum. I had read T.S. Eliott's book of poems about cats, had Old Possum in the title but never saw the musical. Have seen Phantom twice and Le Mis once though, all in NY. Was good but I couldn't stop thinking back to the 80's when a girl from my school a grade ahead who lived in the neighborhood would play the piano and sing to Memories ("midnight...not a sound on the pavement..."). Every day. Of the week. And probably still does so today...

4. Harvest
This is today's harvest...the first peppers and 'maters, and on Lammas too!!!

5. Knitting
Still plugging away on Giant Secret Project. Started a Small Secret Project as well. My Vogue Knitting for fall also arrived. And my local shop sent me an email about sales and they have some skeins of yarn made from corn and elastic for socks...and I have nothing planned on Saturday yet....

6. Vegan Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Hell yeah, this was so good it made me want to cry.

7. Simpsons movie
Saw it last night. Was a little disappointed, thought it would be a little bigger somehow. Was like watching 3 tv episodes in a row. Which isn't entirely bad, but I could have waited for it to go to DVD.

So there you have the major moments. I know, you didn't feel complete without knowing all of this information and how dare I not be there to give it to you sooner. I hope I didn't cause the shakes or DT's while you were without. I'll admit it; this blog is the crack you are craving. Binge on!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

No News....And Good News!

Nothing yet from Barnes and Nobles, not even an acknowledgement they received my letter, nothing. I know where I stand with them...

In other news, today is my last day at my current job. I'm so ready for some change right now. I'll post later this week as I don't start my new job until next week. Hopefully, this means I'm gonna be gettin' down with the knit!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007



To Whom It May Concern:

I was recently saddened and shocked to hear about the treatment of a knitting group who used to meet regularly at your Barnes & Nobles located at 301 South Hills Village, Pittsburgh, PA. It appears for months, the manager as well as a regional manager have been unkind to this group and finally informed them they were "removed from their schedule."

I know several of these group members and find this puzzling and outrageous at the same time. While my schedule does not allow me to attend the group, I certainly shop in this store, buying knitting magazines and books along with other books to read and gift items for the people I love in my life. I saddens me to know the group's attempts to resolve any problems are not being met by people who are paid good money by your company to keep customers happy. What is the function of management if not to see that business continues to thrive and that customers keep returning? This group is not a motley crew of crazed sociopaths who destroy books and furniture, curse loudly and stare at people in rude ways. They are good people who use their hands and time to create beautiful things for family and friends. They even knit things for strangers sometimes. Think of the homeless person keeping warm under a hand-knitted blanket; a cancer patient wearing a snuggly lacy crocheted cap while receiving chemo treatments; preemies wearing little booties on their tiny feet that fit and are soft. These are people who contribute to this earth in ways you may not, who care about life and people and just want to meet with other people who do the same and have a good laugh. They come from their homes where they care for their children to enjoy a night with adults, or come from a hectic job to unwind. They do wonderful things and instead of being repected for this, they were looked down upon and kicked aside.

I wonder why this happened? Why was the space needed? Is there another group now occuppying this time slot? Do other groups continue to meet there? What other groups meet there and when?

It appears in the case of this particular store the management believes in making customes uncomfortable and this presents a dilema for me as a consumer. Sure, if I say I will stop shopping at Barnes & Noble, you may not care, may see it as a drop in the bucket. But I do have a blog and will post this information there. I belong to some webrings involving other knitters and the occasional non-knitter even looks at it now and again. This letter, thanks to modern technology, will reach thousands of knitters, crocheters, crafters, musicians, artists not to mention vegans and pagans. The message will grow: Barnes & Nobles cares not for the little folk. They only like for you to come in, drop the money down and be on your way. Which is fine, but you shouldn't tell groups they can meet there in the first place, then begin playing the "let's replace comfortable furniture with uncomfortable folding chairs and see if they stop showing up" gam e, followed by telling the group as they are meeting collectively they are no longer on the schedule. Why not have contacted someone in the group prior to this and discussed any concerns or problems? This is something most reasonable adults do and do well on a daily basis; you could probably find employees who will do this for you. If you need help in this area, I could also be available to you for further consultation.

So what can we do to resolve this? I am hoping for a reply regarding this matter and feel the group deserves an apology. I will be very fair about this matter and will not only post this letter on my blog, but will also post your reply. That way you have a chance to assure the general public at large that you are indeed a caring company who does believe that customers should be treated with respest, as it is the paying customer who provides your bread and butter at days' end. I hope this letter serves to enlighten your company a bit and remind you that you exist because of us, not in spite of us.



Monday, July 09, 2007


Knitting is coming along a bit slowly of late. Although it's hot, I've been trying to knit but now there are some other things getting in the way. Things like this:

That's right, I have a sweet new ride!! A new-fangled take on the classic Schwinn Jaguar. I need a basket and a light and I'm set. Where will I be riding this filly to? Try MY NEW JOB!!! That's right kids, I'm gonna work within cycling distance in a veterinary office. I'll even be wearing some scrubs. Cool, huh? Now if only I could get up the hills on the bike...

Also have plans to see Cats with a friend in a couple weeks and will be going camping to Lake Erie with my pagan pals. This summer is flying by so fast! The Fourth was fun; unfortunately, there was a bit of an accident. Involving me. And some fireworks. Ok, they were sparklers, not really big firework material. But they burned me bad on my left pointer finger. I've been told by the man it will result in scarrage. I'll spare you a photo or gorey details, but it was nasty!!! So part of the reason I've not been knitting is so my hand could heal. Sure, that's the reason...anyhow, I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer get outside and chase some lighning bugs or something (but please practice catch and release).

PS--The Guy is watching Jaws. Again. And it just got to the part that has the kid on the beach singing, "do you know the muffin man." That's for you, you know who you are out there.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Major Announcement: We harvested our first garden eats this past week. Here is our green bean harvest:
Here is my guy's favorite bean that was picked:
Busy weekend, not much knitting. Spent most of my time out of doors, hooray! Had two picnics (Friday and Saturday) and today, went to the Westmoreland County Arts & Heritage Festival, a July tradition I have not missed in quite a while. Here's a link if you are interested. The food was the best yet, even had several vegan options besides salad. Had the roasted corn on the cob sans butter, then had a black bean and rice wrap with veggies on it, was really yummy. Bought some handmade soaps (Rosemary, Sage & Lavender; Adirondack Air; Seaweed Scrub) from Blue Heron along with some yummy animal-product-free lip balm (Apple and Peppermint). Bought a set of knitting markers as a gift for my favorite aunt from Art Glass by M. Sotherden. I bought a set for myself last year, along with some earrings and a set of runes. Her stuff rocks. I bought a lovely scented geranium too (rose lemon scent) and potted her this evening. Here is me with some hooved friends:

And here are winged friends.

It was Kay's birthday today, I think she had fun but seemed beat! Even saw some old classmates from high school that I haven't seen in years, it's funny to me that we even recognize one another anymore, guess we always carry a bit of our younger selves with us even though our weight, hair color (and bang height....) and confidence changes. Oh, please just tell me tomorrow is not really Monday already...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Everyone here is wilty. First, the cats are all wilty, lying about with bellies to the sky, fur all mussed. Second, the plants are wilty. Third, I am wilty, drinking lemonade by the gallon and fighting off the Dreaded AC Sickness. You know the one, where you sit in AC at work and freeze but then get in your car and drive everywhere around Allegheny County and get hot and then your throat starts to hurt and you sneeze and your head is pounding. That one.

Thus, still too hot in my mind to knit. I plan to possibly attempt some other crafts this week but shopping is taking up some time. You see, Kay's Birthday Extravaganza is this weekend and that means there must be a spectacular present to open. I went searching tonight and found nothing for Kay. I did find a pair of shorts for me on sale. I also finally bit the bullet and purchased some new undergarments. Let me say, why are they so damned expensive? Bathing suits too for that matter. They cover so much less but cost so much. I don't believe men spend as much on their undergarments either. It's a whole setup here women, we should unite and march in protest on this.

My Summer Sostice was fabulous! Look what a friend made:

It's pewter and he hand-carved the mold in two pieces of soapstone, then pinned it together and poured the liquid-y pewter in. He then cut off the flash, filed down the rough edges and shined her up.

I made some vegan sugar cookies in sun shapes, none left to show you though!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Take the quiz here....and learn more about the solstice here!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hot Child in the City...

Is it too hot to knit? I'm thinking it just might be. This coming from a gal who knit regularly on the beach, the sun baking down, the sand sticking in the fibre despite careful attempts to keep sand and fibre seperate. What I'm lacking here in the city is a large body of water to jump into once the sun's rays get too close. I try and stick to the shady places now when knitting. That said, my house is shady but it still is in my mind TOO DAMN HOT TO KNIT! So instead you get this stuff that follows, enjoy!

My wonderful sister sent me a suprise package last week! A bracelet was in it and I've been showcasing it Vanna-style on my arm ever since. She also made this:
It's a towel with an owl--AND it rhymes! How fantastic is she? I'm using it as my altar cloth. Here is a cake I made yesterday:
It was good and may even be made again some day. I think this is a poppy in my yard and if so, am quite perplexed at how it got there:
Here is my guy watering our jungle, I mean, garden:
Here are baby 'maters:
Here is a day lily:
Here is my dilly patch:

Also--I feel like contacting the local police to report an assault. By Kennywood Park. I hurt and have many bruises two days after going. Still, it was worth it. And please don't be a narc and tell the cops I'm a klutz or my law suit will all be in vain...