Sunday, July 01, 2007


Major Announcement: We harvested our first garden eats this past week. Here is our green bean harvest:
Here is my guy's favorite bean that was picked:
Busy weekend, not much knitting. Spent most of my time out of doors, hooray! Had two picnics (Friday and Saturday) and today, went to the Westmoreland County Arts & Heritage Festival, a July tradition I have not missed in quite a while. Here's a link if you are interested. The food was the best yet, even had several vegan options besides salad. Had the roasted corn on the cob sans butter, then had a black bean and rice wrap with veggies on it, was really yummy. Bought some handmade soaps (Rosemary, Sage & Lavender; Adirondack Air; Seaweed Scrub) from Blue Heron along with some yummy animal-product-free lip balm (Apple and Peppermint). Bought a set of knitting markers as a gift for my favorite aunt from Art Glass by M. Sotherden. I bought a set for myself last year, along with some earrings and a set of runes. Her stuff rocks. I bought a lovely scented geranium too (rose lemon scent) and potted her this evening. Here is me with some hooved friends:

And here are winged friends.

It was Kay's birthday today, I think she had fun but seemed beat! Even saw some old classmates from high school that I haven't seen in years, it's funny to me that we even recognize one another anymore, guess we always carry a bit of our younger selves with us even though our weight, hair color (and bang height....) and confidence changes. Oh, please just tell me tomorrow is not really Monday already...


affectioknitter said...

Congratulations on your harvest - my garden suffered during our absense, but hopefully we'll still get some tomatoes.