Monday, August 01, 2011

The Ugly Period

Hello there all!
proof that not everything I make is ugly...tummy time...Wee One loves to help Wee Too

So between Tummy Time and Storey Time and Outside Time, there has been some crafting time. Not much and admittedly, it's not so pretty. I feel if a group were to look back at this segment in time at my crafting, it would be agreed this was The Ugly Period and deemed as such for all eternity. I also think it's reflective of my outside appearance most days too but am hopeful some additional sleep, makeup, and an undergarment with a very firm tummy panel would do the trick. Behold, Early Ugly:
boxy dishcloth, pattern can be found HERE
robot of my own creation for Wee One's second birthdayrobot innards...unbutton the flap and this is what you find

I made another albeit even uglier dishcloth but still need to upload those pics so it's not happening tonight. Today we worked on a Family Top Secret Paper Mache Project. Don't worry, I'll spill the deets as soon as I can. If I did so now, it could sabotage our chances of winning a grand race to come. And nobody wants that, right?