Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Everyone here is wilty. First, the cats are all wilty, lying about with bellies to the sky, fur all mussed. Second, the plants are wilty. Third, I am wilty, drinking lemonade by the gallon and fighting off the Dreaded AC Sickness. You know the one, where you sit in AC at work and freeze but then get in your car and drive everywhere around Allegheny County and get hot and then your throat starts to hurt and you sneeze and your head is pounding. That one.

Thus, still too hot in my mind to knit. I plan to possibly attempt some other crafts this week but shopping is taking up some time. You see, Kay's Birthday Extravaganza is this weekend and that means there must be a spectacular present to open. I went searching tonight and found nothing for Kay. I did find a pair of shorts for me on sale. I also finally bit the bullet and purchased some new undergarments. Let me say, why are they so damned expensive? Bathing suits too for that matter. They cover so much less but cost so much. I don't believe men spend as much on their undergarments either. It's a whole setup here women, we should unite and march in protest on this.

My Summer Sostice was fabulous! Look what a friend made:

It's pewter and he hand-carved the mold in two pieces of soapstone, then pinned it together and poured the liquid-y pewter in. He then cut off the flash, filed down the rough edges and shined her up.

I made some vegan sugar cookies in sun shapes, none left to show you though!