Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Good Karma Stocking

That's right, stock-piling good karma here.

1. I let a lady get in front of me on my way to work, even after having to wait for the asphalt truck and about 4 men hand shovel asphalt onto the street before letting me drive on through. Meaning I was cutting it real close to being late to work anyway. WOAH!!

2. I listened to the girl at work who really grates my nerves talk to me for the 80th time about her upcoming laser eye surgery. Sure, it was at the lunch table and it was just not me enduring the pain. And sure, she also mentioned said price of this surgery (yeah, she's a price-dropper) and explained in great detail the benefits of the Premium Plan she purchased. Let's also not forget the addition at the end where she basically said she lost a glass contact in her eye cavity several years ago and it has yet to be located. Others called her out and told her not to lie; I held my tongue. Impressed, aren't we?

3. I not only went to the grocery store after a heinous work day, but also bought chese and a meat product with my own money for a very lucky carnivore. Not only that, but I bought a box of Drumstix (ice cream cones, not chicken) for said carnivore as a special suprise treat. I then had to watch him eat all of this as well (homeade mac-n-cheese, Chili's buffalo wings, and Drumstix). I had a vegan mac-n-chreese. That's right, vegan cheese is often spelled chReese, you grammar nazis...

I'm hoping to reap the benefits of this good karma tomorrow, or I will find it hard to venture out into the world again and may just stay curled up in my bed. With knitting. With chocolate. And with my cats.


Laura said...

Sounds like you were very busy doing good deeds. I hope your day today was very good!