Wednesday, August 01, 2007


You can read more about Lammas HERE.

Following is the rundown of my life during the past two weeks. Note there were other things that occurred as well, this is shall we say the short list.

1. New job.
I switched jobs and am now earning less money but am MUCH happier. A weight has lifted from my shoulders and I don't dread waking up in the morning anymore. I work with people and animals in a vet hospital and am enjoying being respected and valued by the people I work for and with. No more wasted energy driving all over the earth spewing toxic fumes in the air to find a parent avoiding me. Those who want or need something come to me where I willingly help them. Plus I am being trained by Kirsten Dunst (an exact replica; she looks, acts, and sounds like her. BRING IT ON!!!).

2. Camping in Erie
The man and I went camping for the first time to Erie. LOVED the lake, it was gorgeous and reminded me a bit of the ocean, especially the first night when we went swimming and the waves were crazy. We went on a pagan trip with two other friends who didn't help much with finding firewood and the like. On the last day, I really got peeved over some things they said as well involving the garbage and leaving it there. I mean, you call yourself a pagan and you want to disrespect mother earth?!? So me and the man walked the garbage ourselves to the main entrance where the dumpster was located while they got in their car and sat on their duffs. That kind of sums up their presence. Can't wait to go back again, without them!!!

3. Cats
Saw the musical Cats for the 1st time at the Benedum. I had read T.S. Eliott's book of poems about cats, had Old Possum in the title but never saw the musical. Have seen Phantom twice and Le Mis once though, all in NY. Was good but I couldn't stop thinking back to the 80's when a girl from my school a grade ahead who lived in the neighborhood would play the piano and sing to Memories ("midnight...not a sound on the pavement..."). Every day. Of the week. And probably still does so today...

4. Harvest
This is today's harvest...the first peppers and 'maters, and on Lammas too!!!

5. Knitting
Still plugging away on Giant Secret Project. Started a Small Secret Project as well. My Vogue Knitting for fall also arrived. And my local shop sent me an email about sales and they have some skeins of yarn made from corn and elastic for socks...and I have nothing planned on Saturday yet....

6. Vegan Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Hell yeah, this was so good it made me want to cry.

7. Simpsons movie
Saw it last night. Was a little disappointed, thought it would be a little bigger somehow. Was like watching 3 tv episodes in a row. Which isn't entirely bad, but I could have waited for it to go to DVD.

So there you have the major moments. I know, you didn't feel complete without knowing all of this information and how dare I not be there to give it to you sooner. I hope I didn't cause the shakes or DT's while you were without. I'll admit it; this blog is the crack you are craving. Binge on!!!


Zeeppo said...

Kirsten Dunst that would scare me.