Wednesday, September 19, 2007


We all do it. We show-off. Like the time you were the in the winterguard and you were practicing next to another team and you started throwing up some perfect 4's just cause you could. Like the time you outdid everyone in the 4th grade when you flipped around and around on the monkey bars 20 consecutive times, setting a record and bruising the back of your right knee in the process. The big bruise didn't matter, because you were the best. For that afternoon, at least. Well, I'm gonna do it again here.
Here it is rolled up:

Rolled up with Madison:


Unrolled and opening:

Unrolled and opening with Quandary:

Fully open sans Quandary:

I can fit most of my straights and double-pointed needles in the front, will also add my crochet hooks. I will admit, it took forever in my mind to get the design down so that you didn't see the seams from the needle pockets on the outside. The bonus was after I finished it, the solution to keep the seams hidden also created a big, giant pocket BEHIND the needle pockets. Enough to put a large sketch book, maybe some patterns, even yarn and a project or too! So I think I will also add on a strap so I can use it as a messenger-style project bag. Now, I am no seamstress and close inspection shows some less-than-perfect skills but hell, this is the best damn sewing project I have ever finished so I am a showin' it off!

Still working on my three rotating knitting projects too, not to worry. I'll post some pics of them later this week. And when I finish the needlecase modification and have a case and/or bag, I'll be showin' it off again. Unabashedly. Don't worry, I go to work later so someone out there will put my ego back in check.


Laura said...

That is beautiful!! I'm jealous, I have no sewing skills, but I'm working on it.
Go Steelers! :-)