Friday, November 23, 2007

The Giving of Thanks

I am cameraless in PA, so please know the ranbling with continue without the scenery. If you run away now, I won't be mad.

I have no camera cause Nature Boy took it home. I am obviously not there with him, so you ask, what's up, Ms. Knitsburgh?

This leads us head-first into the tale of My Thanksgiving 2007.

Once upon a time, it was the week of Thanksgiving. Ms. Knitsburgh went into a flurry of business. She cleaned her entire home on Monday morning after waking up with the birds, then went to work from 12PM to 8PM. She came home, slept, then worked a 14 1/2 hour shift (that's right, 8AM-10:30PM) on Tuesday. Ms. Knitsburgh was entirely worn out despite seeing 6 adorable baby kittens and some very cute dogs. Ms. Knitsburgh also found out that Nature Boy would be spending the rest of the week with his family as Nature Boy's father's health has declined.

On Wednesday, you expect Ms. Knitsburgh would have rested, right? Wrong! Ms. Knitsburgh was up at 7AM, made a shopping list and went to TWO, that's right, TWO markets before returning home at 9:30AM. Ms. Knitsburgh then made three pies (two vegan pumpkin, one vegan cherry), vegan stuffing and vegan green bean casserole. She then made some southern-fried tofu, showered, packed for her trip and gathered her food together. Ms. Knitsburgh also fed, watered and scooped for her five furry babies before heading out on her journey to Bill and Kay's.

Along the way, Ms. Knitsburgh encountered a liquor store and snatched up some bottles quickly. Ms. Knitsburgh made it to Bill and Kay's by 5PM. She had an enjoyable evening, catching up and seeing the new homestead improvements. One improvement was the bathroom; after years of growing up with two sisters and one bathroom with only a bathtub, a shower has finally been installed!

The next morning, Ms. Knitsburgh watched the Macy's parade, assisted with feast prep, and welcomed her favorite aunt and uncle! She feasted heartily, then ran out the door to drive back to Knitsburghville and then straight to work. Ms. Knitsburgh worked 4PM-12:30AM, then drove back home, crawled into bed and thanked the Goddess for some well-deserved rest. Ms. Knitsburgh awoke to find a lovely dusting of fresh snow on the ground as big chunky flakes fell quietly from the gray sky. Peace at last!!!


Laura said...

Wow... I don't know how you do it. I'd have passed out after the first day! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays to you. Oh and send me some SNOW! :-)

Nittany Knits said...

I was visiting family in knitsburgh for turkey day and got to see the wonderful peaceful snow you mentioned! I was able to visit yarn stores in Bridgeville (very nice people) and Swickley Heights (not so nice people). Any others you can suggest?