Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happiness Abounds Once More...

Not to worry friends, our heroine finds herself surrounded by glee following some deep meditation and soul-searching. What did she learn? Plenty (as follows in no particular order--much like her mind).

1. You can't worry about other people's crap.
2. Knitting makes things better.
3. If you are cold, put on a warm sweater and smile.
4. My current project FITS so far!!!
5. Yule will be FANTASTICAL!!!
6. If you are cold, pick up a cat, any cat within reach, and snuggle them good.
7. When it is cold, cats will gravitate naturally to your lap, or head, or chest, or legs, or arms, or butt...
8. Eating dinner with friends is a great use of time.
9. Work will be work, period.
10. A tatoo can be an engagment ring of sorts, if you let it.
11. Blueberry beer is good, but shouldn't be used on pancakes in the AM. PM would be fine.
12. It's great to be here today.
13. Acorns are the best.
14. If you break too many orange string lights between the screen door on your way in and out, the whole line will stop working, so be prepared for you holiday display to be a little less dramatic.
15. A skeleton on the porch swing will make up for the loss of drama in #14.
16. Plants should be invited inside BEFORE a hard frost.
17. The grocery store does not owe it to you to have your favorite tea in stock at all times.
18. Pomegranites are good but can be messy and take a while to eat.
19. Both sides of a magnet will not always work so don't glue things to both sides to make it a magnet for your dishwasher that says "CLEAN" on one side and "DIRTY" on the other unless you test both sides first.
20. Football is boring unless the Steelers are playing.


Laura said...

I love your new project! Take care!