Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I'm not going to say much about it except I've been working really hard on something. It's for Samhain or Halloween. It's a Wee Costume. I think it still looks better in my mind's eye than in person, but Nature Boy keeps insisting it looks good. Once I'm done and the big day gets here, I will show you. It's involving some sewing which again is not my forte but a girl needs to branch out at times.

So I did finally finish the 2nd Punkin' Hat, this one for Wee One. I think he likes it!

He also likes swinging the Terrible Towel on game days with his game face on:
I also have a sad sad confession to make. I check out lots of books at the library, mostly crafty books, some fiction as well to read too. I placed a hold on a novel way back at the beginning of the summer, which apparently was in such high demand it just now came to me this week! The smirk on the young librarian's face as I checked it out was perfect; I smiled back and proudly walked out the door with it. What was it you ask? L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad of the reality show (sort of) on MTV called the Hills. It says TEEN FICTION on a sticker along its spine. Why am I admitting this? I really don't know!


Laura said...

another true steeler fan! he looks so cute in that picture. :-) and i love the hat!

Reilly said...

So cute! My youngest sister chowed down on her share of Terrible Towels in the early 90s.

I read so much Teen/YA fiction its a little ridiculous! Just so you know, I wouldn't have smirked ;o)

Patricia said...

Thanks Reilly for your support, I totally think we should start a 12-step program. Thanks also to both Reilly and Laura for your black-n-gold support as well.

Heather said...

hey, I have been reading thru Janet Evanovich's Plum series... no high-brow there, but a nice distraction.
Wee-one is super cute and a very cooperative model!