Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day

So guess who took the day off work to go to a job interview today, only to have the person conducting said interview call and cancel due to inclement weather? Now there is no blame towards the person cancelling; my gripe is with karma. Seems karma has been doling out some paybacks to me recently. I plan to reflect more on this privately.

I did finally sew the rather large hole on a pillow that rests on our couch and sewed two patches on an old pair of jeans, readying them for more work on the house this spring. There will be many projects to get to and the least I can do is be prepared. I made me some vegan scalloped potatos for dinner, they were yummy. That's about it. I watched the snow come down for hours and saw it pile up on the walk, on the drive, on the lawn, on the trees.

I think I may try to figure out some crochet tonight to finally finish the Scarf that Will Not Finish. Hopefully, this 2nd version will be ok and I will not have to plan and knit a 3rd, I'm rather bored of this project by now.

Here was the mail on Saturday when I came home from Knit Fest 3000:

That's Knit 1, Interweave Knits and the fest flyer with model Isabella Maria in her favorite nest (aka new couch).

I did mail out a package to someone, looked like this:

Hopefully they will receive it in time for Valentine's and I can then reveal to you the contents of the package.

Well, I'm figuring on account of Karma, I will probably not have a snow day tomorrow as I have not taken the day off work in advance. So off to watch some bad TV and attempt some self-taught crochet. Yes, I lead an adventurous life...


affectioknitter said...

Good luck with the job and the karma...


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