Thursday, February 01, 2007

'lil twin scarves

So here it is, full circle again...laundry. How does it always sneak up on you? Only one load left in the dryer and I'm done so I guess the worst is over.

Things have been a little rocky lately. I'm feeling a little drained and disorganized and hope I can catch up on sleep and those little details this weekend. My guy has been gone for over a week and a half and may come back home tomorrow, depending on how fast they complete their current job. I miss him but tonight I am almost mourning the loss of my independance again, the quiet of the home, the ability to concentrate totally without hearing the tv, long baths without worrying about whether someone may need to use the loo.

I am also enjoying the company of my family and my friends. Here are some pics from the past weekend of the Ice Festival in Ligonier that Kay and I experienced:

Here are some photos of two scarves. The one on the left is still on the needles, straight stockinette, hoping to crochet around the perimeter and have it magically no longer roll. Anyone of the possibly two people reading this blog know if that will even work? The one on the right I don't really like, hence the second version on the left. We'll see.

Here is a pic of my amaryllis with the snow in the background. It has two more buds too! May last well into March at this rate, feels like some tropical escape in here with it gracing the table.

Last, pic of my new owl ornament that will probably hang in this doorway until Yule comes by again.

The new knitty suprises are really pretty, I am in love with the thermal sweater, may have to substitute some vegan yarn for the wool and knit her up. Payday is tomorrow, maybe I can go yarn shopping over the weekend.

Happy Imbolc!!!


affectioknitter said...

Hi Patricia,

I do read your blog - it's very nice - I knit white baby blankets - just pure stockinette stitch over about 100 stitches on about size 10 needles - so it works up pretty quickly - then I crochet a border to make it lay flat - it works - sometimes I use a shell stitch (usually for a girl) - but more often I use a different color in just a single crocet. Good Luck with the scarf.