Monday, February 12, 2007

Knit Fest or Knot?

Wanted to post a review of the 3rd Annual Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Fest. On Saturday morning, I arrived at the Crowne Plaza for the event around 10:45 AM. I spent about 10 minutes circling a packed parking lot before giving up and parking illegally at the neighboring bank branch lot. Yes, I will chance towing for yarn. I walked towards the hotel and an older man passed me in the frigid wind, wearing a beautiful knitting hat, and exclaimed, "you need a hat!" I entered the hotel and was steered through a crowd to pay a $15 fee to enter the event. I inquired about where the free crochet class was; the young woman who took my money blushed and told me she had no idea, she had only been there for two hours. I then overheard some women gathered around a table to the right talking about the class so I ventured over there, without any help from Ms. Red-Haired-Only-Been-Here-Two-Hours. I was told the class was filled and there was one available at 3PM.

I then headed over to the many booths displaying fiber. I was sandwiched between women of all ages, shapes and sizes fighting to gaze at skeins and square needles and buttons. They walked in all directions and some heaved heavy purses into my side as they pushed by in the fibre frenzy. I noted that most of the yarn was wool. Or silk. Or wool and silk. Seems that's what most knitters prefer, and the more expensive the better. Oh, I did find a booth with hemp skeins but for the most part, could not get close to even look at fibre much less read the ball bands to determine if it was animal, vegetable or mineral. I squeezed through the crowd like toothpaste, garnering many dirty looks from the serious craftsters who did not appreciate my fast and stealthy ways.

I finally ended up near the raffle table and was filling out my info for prizes when I heard someone say my name. I looked up and it was none other than Laurie, of Still My Life, With Knitting fame. She and her friend had just arrived. I told my tale of being denied entry to the free crochet class and they kindly offered to teach me at the group they attend every other week. With that, I left the 3rd Annual Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Fest and ventured back into the cold, to continue my search for vegan yarn.

So I am happy to know there are many knitters and/or crocheters in the area. I am just feeling this event wasn't really for me. I may need to start a Vegan Yarn Extravaganza of my own. I bet even the non-vegan knitters and hookers would show up because Yarn would still be in the title. Maybe PETA would have a booth there too. And lots of tasty vegan vittles. And some beer too. That would really make things exciting, wouldn't it? I just have to work on the funding...


Zeeppo said...

I was annoyed that there was no acrylic. And LaurieG has a fun group. The Clowns andI attend it when we can.

LaurieG said...

We are fun (usually!) And we can teach you to crochet. Come and tell me what counts as vegan yarn. (Trust me, I'm not being glib, just unenlightened. And I'm intrigued.) What about recycled pop bottles? Soy silk?

Patricia said...

I think I will come and join your group Laurie, especially since it's Zeeppo-approved. Thanks for your offer to teach me to crochet, I have dreamed of making and wearing a granny-square apron or skirt for years now! It was good seeing you Laurie, sorry I missed you Zeeppo!