Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm back...from outer space...

No, it's not Gloria, it's me--I have survived!

We closed on our house the day I returned from the beach in August and my life has been a little crazy since! We cleaned our house, packed, moved, cleaned the apartment we had been renting and began the lovely process of home repairs. We had a toilet in our yard for a few weeks after my guy took out the old one and replaced it with our new one. Thankfully, the toilet was taken by the lovely garbage men on large item pick up day. I have about a million tulip and daffodil bulbs to plant and have cleared out the flower beds and trimmed the hedges and tried to make the yard look a bit more civilized.

Steeler Season also started. This too has proved a bit crazy with two losses thus far. I'm glad we have a bye this week, don't know if I can take another loss quite yet.

I've changed my address with every company known to man. We finally got our phone and email and cable situations straight--another nightmare! My sister came for a visit, our first out-of-town houseguest. Just before her arrival I started the fun job of painstakenly peeling posey-printed wallpaper off the bathroom wall, then using a putty knife and spray bottle to scrape off every bit of paper backing left behind. My guy then had to mud over the walls, which were just drywall, then sand the walls even. Finally, we primed the walls and painted the ceiling and walls. My guy still has to make us some shelves but for the most part it's finito. Finally!!

So now that I have a moment to rest, a co-worker, who shall remain nameless, has given me a sickness of unknown name or proportion. First came the sore throat, then fever, achey-ness and general malaise. My voice sounds very manly and I'm starting to cough. My eyes are quite red and teary too--all in all, a very pretty picture.

Knitting has been on the back burner but I do say, now that I am officially a home owner, my creativity has shifted from wearable pieces to home decor. I am making a chair pad with leftovers from my stash. I am also thinking of making a curtain for our front door, which has lots of panes of glass you can see right through. Tomorrow may entail a yarn shop jaunt after work, will post again this weekend and let you know how it all turns out...