Monday, February 18, 2008


Missing: Size 5 double-pointed needle from the Knitsburgh Area.

Last spied on the couch, next to four other DPNs of similar size/build. If anyone has any leads, please contact the authorities immediately. Two suspects have been detained:
Isabella Maria
Quandary Bartholemiuex

Isabella was spied on the couch in the vicinity of the needle prior to it's going missing. Quandary has in the past been observed violently biting the victim.

I am knitting lace and it's hard and it makes my head hurt! I may need to start something I don't have to concentrate on to knit during those times I don't want to concentrate so much, like when I'm watching some crappy TV. I have already had to frog it to the beginning once due to my continual mistakes when not being as thoughtful as I need to be about it.

Not too much new here. The weather is gray and bleak and turning colder and windy. I just wish it would snow and snow a whole lot; if it's got to be this cold, then there should be snow or in my oppinion it should be at least 80 degrees and sunshiney.

I do go about and thrust my oppinions into the world a lot, don't I? Is that a bad thing, to have oppinions? I used to think not but lately, I have been getting the feeling people don't like it. Oh well, they know what they can do...


Rathaille said...

I too am missing a size 5 needle! Not a dp though. Sadly, mine is probably somewhere back in MA however, the latest shipment of needles has more than made up for its loss!

Having and sharing opinions is a good thing. I like your opinions :)