Monday, April 21, 2008

Forest Magick!

I love spring! Can I shout it loud enough from the rooftops? I love flowers and leaves, grass and trees. I love the warmth of the sun and the smell of soil. Throwing wide the windows and doors. I worked for four hours today on the Knitsburgh grounds and I loved every second of the hard, dirty work!

I was lucky enough to fully immerse myself in a woodland bliss this past weekend. Some wonderful souls accompanied me and I had so much fun! I love the city but there is just plain magick out there in the forest.

Speaking of magick in the forest...we hiked 10 miles, but did not fully intend to. More on that tale later...point is, we had hiked maybe 8.5 or 9 of those miles and we were very tired and by then, completely out of water. The kindest man in the world, an experienced hiker (by this, I mean he had hiked this trail before, seemed to know every turn, and had two metal walking sticks and a water system hooked up to his backpack), showed up with cold, pure, bottled water. A large bottle for each of us! He also thought he had chocolate bars but gave all of them away to the rest of our group who were ahead of us. Just like that, just being very kind and not expecting anything in return, walked right out of the trees, then right back into them. Amazing!

It's this stuff that makes me feel good about being human. The past week I had again doubted this horrible animal, this human creature that seeks to hurt and belittle and demean others, thinks only of his or her self and wants to make others sad in order for them to feel better. Not all the humans are like this! I will sock this little glimmer of hope away for use later when despair slinks up to my doorstep again. Some people are worth letting in, are worth counting on and trusting.

Speaking of trusting. Madison Penelope has executed two, count them two, escapes from the Knitsburgh estate. Not to be outdone, Isabella Maria has also made one escape. But you all knew, after the recent crimewave in Knitsburgh, that the Iz could not be trusted. Hmmm...maybe Madison has been her accomplice after all?

I also want to say a very sad farewell to my friend. He was much too young to have met an untimely death, a cruel horrible Hitchcock-ian death at that. He was known in Knitsburgh as Lil' Garden Snake. He was found on the walkway, having been found sunning his small cute striped-y body and accosted by...birds. The rumors were true; he was indeed found naked but there is no evidence of any illegal substances playing a role in his demise. Lil' Garden Snake, in his lifetime, kept the garden at Knitsburgh clear of even smaller snakes and possibly an assortment of varmints. He will be sadly missed. Please send all monetary donations to the "Snakes: We are not very tasty" national ad campaign and/or to Ralph Nader's election fund. He did love the Green Party, Lil' Garden Snake did.