Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Game of cribbage?

Nature Boy doesn't like me to post his photos. He says he doesn't want to find his face has been superimposed into a pornographic photo somewhere on the internet because of me featuring it here. So, I can only post those that showcase another, though none less lovely, feature of his:

That's right, the Craftorium is being slowly transformed into a nursery and Madison Penelope has been involved with every step, as she is the official Investigator and Inspector of Knitsburgh. We bought the crib and the mattress and the mattress cover and the bedding and Nature Boy assembled the crib. I have moved all of the fibre out and into the spare bedroom. The craft cabinet Nature Boy made for me lives there too now, along with the sewing table and machine. I would be sad about it but since it's for such a good reason, I'm dealing well with it all, despite the soft playing of the pipes in the background. Nature Boy has also done a fabulous job transforming the storage closet into a proper Closet for Wee One Things. Thank goodness I found me a handy guy!

I finished one sleeve on the Super Natural Stripes sweater. One more to go and the trim and voila, the Wee One's very first sweater! Then I can get to those other ideas popping about in my brain. Maybe then I will have room for the normal everyday things I am forgetting, like turning off my car lights so the battery isn't dead when I come out of work after a 10 hour day and it's dark and cold outside. Yeah, that was called Yesterday. Today was much brighter!