Thursday, March 05, 2009


Once I went offroading with Nature Boy. We lived in Colorado at the time and he had just gotten his CJ-7. That's a type of Jeep for those of you not in the know of those things. She was silver and had a soft top and we were camping in the Rockies and just "happened" to be close to an offroading area. So we went.

I had never been offroading before. I figured it would be a little bumpy.

Basically, we were traveling down a steep sloping, boulder-infused, avalanche-prone dusty mountainside.

The vehicle went way up in the air on my side while it went way down below on his side, then switched as it traveled over the rocks.

I told Nature Boy to stop, got out and walked down the path. He drove down and didn't tip it over, which is really what I thought was going to happen. We have a picture in a photo album of me at the end of the trail, sitting on a boulder with my sunglasses on my head and the jeep in the background. My ams are stubbornly crossed. It always makes me laugh.

Well, I went offroad again this week, but in a different way.

With knitting. I was on the "main road" aka "pattern" then swerved off to make my own way.

This is the result.

The last picture is of two hooligans, Lulu Bea and Quandary Bartholemieux, who live at Knitsburgh and look for trouble. They came in to see what I was doing and since Lulu is so elusive and shy and rarely appears without her brother, I had to take a picture of them.
The pattern was called Greenleaf and you can see it here. It doesn't differ very much but I made the leaf on my own. I was trying to make it look like an oak leaf, then ripped it out when it didn't look so hot and made a much more simple leaf shape. Will the Wee One be like his father and want to go offroading when they are older? Or will they be a bit of a chicken like me and prefer the feet on the trail? I hope they are like him!


affectioknit said...

Oh that reminds me of our old CJ-7 - it was yellow with a tan rag top - we had so much fun with it - and we definitely went off-road!

Laura said...

I would have been scared to death and gotten out. The hat is adorable!