Thursday, April 23, 2009


There is weight on my body and weight on my mind. And there is Wait. Wait for the Wee One, for the summer, for the plans we are hatching. So weighty around here!

I did manage to get some of the weight off my mind this week, which I think is freeing me up for this last gainful stretch of the belly.

You would think with the unloading of mind weight, a mind and body could rest but not in my case. I've been up for hours again, unable to sleep, tossing in the bed. One of the residents of the estate, Ms. Isabella Maria, is not doing very well and woke up with me and had an accident on the floor. Seems she may be a bit older than we estimated when she chose to come to our place and live with us way back in the Colorado Time. She just came to our porch and wouldn't leave; she didn't want food, just attention and love. Poor sweet little thing, she was always the tiniest of our crew, so little weight. We took her in and at the time, she made three cats. She really shook some things up and as small as she is, she was always in charge of everything. I just hope we can give her some comfort and hope she has a chance to meet the Wee One.

Yesterday was Earth Day and the only thing I managed to do was get some good-for-the-earth fibre. I know, it's amazing how far I will go to do my part, right? Nature Boy called me at work to let me know my package had arrived. Behold the new yarny goodness: Knit Picks Organic Cotton, Worsted Weight, 4 skeins of Marshmallow.

Thinking of making a little Guernsey sweater with it for Wee One.

The blanket for Wee One is still not getting much play. Instead I've cast on for a wrap with some leftover yarn. I plan to use it as a nursing cover-up device when out in public or on the front grounds of the estate.

I don't think I've updated this in some time; we went to see Nature Boy's extended family for Russian Easter this past weekend and I've been busy first with preparations with going, then with getting things back to normal around here upon our return. It was nice to see everyone but also trying at times with the lack of space and older relatives who don't understand you are eating VEGAN frozen meals not DIET frozen meals and that your sodium intake is fine because you don't eat this crap all the time, only when you have to go away for a whole weekend and need easy meals that don't interfere with the meal prep for NON-VEGANS who make up the majority there. Oh and due to my "condition" I had to stay sober. We'll just leave it at that...


Laura said...

Sounds like an interesting weekend. :-)

What pattern are you using for the wee one's blanket? My sis in law's sis is expecting and i want to make her baby a blanket. I made a sweater for her last one. I am having a hard time finding inspiration. :-)

Patricia said...

It's the Woodland Shawl pattern, I found it on Ravelry. You can find it here:

I really love the colorway she used--but alas, I'm trying to eat up some of my stash...

obxbarb said...

oh what beautiful things you've been creating! I love the rattle too!

Take care, try to get some needed rest girl. I worry about you!

(Told you the flowers wouldn't die:)

Love ya, Barb