Thursday, January 13, 2011

The home!

I finished up some sewing last night, but alas, as it is a surprise, I really can't discuss it currently. What else can I say right now?

The Wee Guernsey is coming along now, after reconfiguring the pattern to fit the skinny yarn I'm working with. I hope to get some more time this coming weekend to finish it, or else Wee One may just outgrow it before he has the chance to wear it.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday (yeah, I know, that was a while ago...) I got the chance to see my favorite aunt and uncle and they gave me the most stupendous gift! Some of my ancestors on my mother's side of the family emigrated to America from Scotland in the 1800's. My aunt went to Scotland and brought me back....a rock! I have a little piece of the Homeland here at Knitsburgh now. She also gave me photos of where it came from (Palace of Scone) and twenty pence. I love to feel the stone in my hand and wonder about it; have others touched it before? What has it seen or overheard? Maybe one day I'll get to Scotland myself but if not, I have come close.


cseneque said...

What a cool gift! So thoughtful and memorable.