Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Beginning

Welcome to my new blog!
I am finally catching up with the large segment of society who share their lives with complete strangers. I guess this calls for a bit of an introduction. I moved to the Pittsburgh area almost a year ago from the Outer Banks in North Carolina, specifically, the town of Kill Devil Hills. Now, the Outer Banks is a much different setting than the city I currently live in and I must say, I think I have adapted well to city life. Prior to NC, I lived in Colorado but I hail from Pennsylvania originally.

This past year has been fantastic. I have gone to Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates games, enjoyed the Carnegie Museum of Natural Science, watched the St. Patrick's Day parade and rang in the New Year with Brett Michaels in Station Square (no he was not my date, he was the entertainment). I saw Gaelic Storm at Irish Fest and some lesser known but musically gifted bands in the bars along the South Side. I have gotten lost and then found my way back to some known street or landmark. I have sat at the Point and closed my eyes and imagined all who have been there before me, the native Americans, French and British soldiers, deer and bear and racoon and owl, as two rivers joined to make a third. I have ridden the T and smiled at the colorful Pittsburgh accent of fellow passengers. I survived a winter of sliding down unplowed city streets in my car on my way to work. I have done OK in this crazy city and I think I love it more each day.

I also joined a knitting group and have started (and sometimes even finished) several projects. I hope to document my creative side in this blog. Feel free to comment on my words and my works, however, note I can be quite sensitive at times so please keep the criticism constructive. Thanks for visiting and I'll be back soon!


LisaBe said...

welcome! so happy to see a fellow former southerner and fellow silver streaker :) i wish my hair looked as good long as yours does...makes me long for long hair again! :)