Thursday, July 06, 2006

Love that July!

I am so in love with July. It's smack dab in the middle of my fave season, summer. Cherries and peaches and strawberries are in full force, not to mention the blackberries. Kay's birthday, lightning bugs and Independence Day. And my favorite crafty festival, the one, the only, Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival, set in the lovely Twin Lakes State Park. I spent Sunday the 2nd out there with Kay and my sister and even dodged the storm that blew through in the late afternoon. I managed to find myself some presents--behold:

The blue stitch markers, set of 5, are on the left and a pair of earrings with red oak leaves are on the right. These were made by M. Sotherden. I also bought a beautiful set of runes from her as well, blogger will not let me post any more pics right now so I will post more pics later. The stitch markers and earrings are being modeled by my smoker, Sitting Grandpa. You insert an incense cone in his body and the smoke comes out his mouth. I have wanted one of these for a while and happened to find him a few months ago at a discount store for $7. They retail for around $50 at Krys Krindelmardt around the holidays.

I love to purchase things created by someone else. I love to pick up the item and touch it and imagine what the person was thinking, where they were when they made it, how long it took. I really needed these things in the end to help soothe my spirit a bit as a woman by the llama exhibit asked if my sister was my daughter. I am exactly 13 months older than her. OUCH!! My ego is still feeling bruised four days later but I will not relent and dye my hair--it's staying the way it is. Take that, evil beauty industry! This is one chica who will not be swayed by your pressure to conform! It also frees up some more cash for yarn stash...

I managed to catch the fireworks at the point, my first time ever. They were FANTASTIC, the best I have ever seen! Even better than the last four summers on the beach. I can't wait to do it all again next year!

So finally, my recent project. This one has not been coming along easily for me, I had to frog it twice already (1st time too big, 2nd time I somehow twisted the cast on edge when I joined the round). It will be a sleeveless sweater, knit in the round to the armholes. I will then seperate front and back and finish her off. It really shouldn't take too long but then again I can be a pokey knitter.
Here's a picture with Madison Penelope inspecting it for errors. Her full report will be posted once it is completed. She likes to keep a running tab on it all.
Now get out there and enjoy yourself some summer, cause it's going way too fast