Sunday, November 12, 2006

Another weekend bites the dust!

WOOHOO STEELERS!!! Way to kick the assage of the saints. I knew you guys would come through!

I have not made much progress on my beret. Things keep getting in my way.

Like the Steelers game. Too exciting to keep looking way, had to pay attention to the TV.

On final complaint: last minute handmade gift requests. Happens every year right around Thanksgiving. Relatives and friends suddenly announce they want for you to make them something. Which itself is fine; just know these things take time and 5 weeks is not enough time to make things for everyone. Especially large, complicated things. The days before the holidays get really crazy for me and I usually make my deadline but it's always a struggle and there is never enough sleep. Never!

So I got that off my chest; drop hints about 6 months in advance for me, just to be safer. I may not finish your gift in time and then we will all be very sad indeed.

So the eternal struggle: finish my beret first, or sidetrack it for some holiday gift-craftage? If only I were an insomniac!!! Maybe in my next lifetime...


Anonymous said...

How bout those STEELERS?!?! They rocked yesterday. Maybe this is a turnaround for them. Woo HOO!!!!

Patricia said...

I sure hope so! Willie Parker and Ben were amazing, the whole team seemed in sync finally again. Love your picture, by the way!!!