Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Answer... the movie trivia question from previous postage is "Urban Cowboy." You remember, when Bud's new cowboy-infatuated rich lil' daddy's girl girlfriend Pam goes to Bud's aunt and uncle's house for dinner?

ANYWAYS...good news from Kay yesterday. Her cancer is retreating! The proteins they measured have decreased, the thing in her lung is smaller. She's gonna kick it's ass good for the second and final time.

I also finished my beret. It's been stretched over a dinner plate for blocking, I hope it will be dry tomorrow so I can post some finished pictures. I stayed up late last night to finish it while watching really bad TV and I feel a little tired but I may still start the Holiday Craft-Tacular. This will be hard because I won't be able to talk so much about it all due to a certain snoopy sister (you know who you are).

Also got some Steelers tickets for the Browns game on the 7th. Know what else is 7? Big Ben's number!!! This is a sure sign they will win. I spent yesterday trying to forget the recent massacre in Baltimore, it was painful to watch that game but I know the Steelers will come out fighting this week.

Here is the house:

Here is the tree:

We are now Holiday-ready! We are the only house on the block with lights up yet. Our neighbor across the street has a Frosty inflatable AND a Frosty-in-a-blowing-snowglobe in addition to their year-round electric waterfall. But no lights, so in my mind we still win!!! Also, despite my cats' best efforts, the tree remains upright AND decorated. Sure, the tree skirt is a little askew and the angelfish ornament is lying on the floor beneath, but it is mostly intact. Progress!

Off to craft some holiday cheer...


Ary said...

I was just heartbroken over their play at Baltimore. I sure hope that the Browns game is better. I'm so jealous that you are going to the game! Hope it is a great one for you! Your lights are beautiful. It has been in the 70's all week here and I just can't get in the holiday mood. I haven't even dragged decorations out of the attic yet. Maybe this weekend if it cools down some. Take care!