Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Couches of years past...

We are getting a couch tomorrow! It will be deliverd between 12PM and 2PM. My guy will be here to supervise the delivery. This is a huge milestone for us: our first ever brand-new couch! We have a futon right now. In the past, we have accumulated a couch or so per state we lived in. We bought a slightly worn blue and white striped one in Colorado from one of those furniture rental places. I bought an old "vintage" couch at a thrift store for $50 with the goal of refinishing and then re-upholstering. We moved it out to North Carolina and one of the cats peed on it and then we put it outside for large item pick up day and I watched our crazy neighbors (who almost had as many cats as I did) pull the couch from the side of the road straight into their home. I guess they weren't too particular about smells.

In North Carolina, we got another used couch, the couch of all couches, absolutely free from the owner of a home that he was refinishing. They also gave him our living room tv, it was the largest-screen tv we ever got and free, too! You could say these people were loaded. The couch was a three piece sectional in a deep dark winey red courduroy. Me, my guy and 5 cats could all stretch out and co-exist peacefully together on this thing. It was great but took up pretty much the entire room.

Then we moved to Pennsylvania and decided our new rental could not accomodate it the sectional, so my guy gave it to his bachelor friends who probably destroyed it rather quickly. The futon, we've had since Colorado as well. It's been good to us and travels well. No more moves are in our future now though. It was time.

I had to talk my guy into it. For MONTHS we have been looking for a couch and a dining table and chairs. I can't take it any more. The furniture stores are like car lots, you can't make eye contact with anyone or you are followed all over the store. I finally had to say, what are you holding out for? We've seen the same things in every store for months, we need to either made a decision here or you need to tell me what would be the right couch. He couldn't tell me so...we made a decision. I'll post a pic tomorrow, I can't wait for my new knitting spot to arrive!
Oh, the futon? It's going upstairs to my knitorium. With the women's prison foot locker thing...don't ask. I'll tell ya some other day!

Now go watch the Three Little Dwarfs HERE to put yourself in the holiday mood!! I'm Hardrock, I'm Coco, I'm Joe!!