Monday, January 01, 2007

So my hibernation is about over. Tomorrow I return to work. I wish I had a few more days to organize, clean and KNIT!

So this was a gift I made for a certain sister. It was not completed in time for the 25th, so it will be mailed to her tomorrow. Along with the un-dented replacement cannister I had ordered online (the original arrived dented and the replacement did not arrive until after the big day, despite the site owner's claims to the contrary). GRRRR!!!!

Anyhow, these are called Beachcomber Mitts by me in a pattern designed by me so she can wear them on the chilly beach and still pick up the sea glass and shells that are best found this time of year after a good nor'easter.

I did not do well in completing my holiday knits this year. I would like to also put forth the fact I was sidelined for the past 3 weeks with a cold of some sort, the likes of which I have not encountered before. First was the sore throat the some coughing. There was nasal cloggage, then nasal drippage. Feverage came next. Then more nasal drippage, then extreme sinus cavity pain. Now there is some final (I hope) drippage and my voice continues to sound very manly. I included this because I am sure if you suffer through my blogging, you must really want to know every detail.

I brought in the year 2007 in Station Square in the rain listening to Winger. We hit a neighbor's house party first and really, should have stayed there. Earlier I watched the Steelers crush the Bengal's chances of making it to the playoffs. What a fantastic end to the season! Carson Palmer, you are the whiniest little baby of a football player ever and this was karma from your Sports Illustrated article when you bashed the Steelers. Oh, and Cowher, thanks for all the years and wins and cursing on the sidelines, we'll miss you and watching a Steeler's game won't be the same without your animated facial expressions and red-flag tosses.

On the needles now: a scarf for another sister. There will be some knitting time ahead of me in the car when we travel to Lopez, PA for Russian Xmas in two weeks to see my guy's family. That's one positive way to look at that trip.

Wishing you peace and happy knitting and good vegan eats in the year 2007!


Laura said...

Happy New Year Patricia! I hope you are on the mend. I've had almost the exact same symptoms for over a week now. It must be making the rounds. Take care!

Zeeppo said...

Winger was White Snake too busy. They could have at least go Donnie Osmond. Happy New Year