Monday, January 22, 2007

I Survived Russian Xmas!!!

I made it! 3 days trapped inside a small house with too many adults and screaming children to count and standing-room-only moments. One bathroom with a toilet that could only be flushed after 2-3 uses in an effort to "conserve well water." 3 days of solid dreary cold rain. Adults giving me a crying child to hold and making comments about how I need to have one even though the child continues to cry and I obviously lack in the maternal sense.

It wasn't all bad though; I learned a great deal about their family customs, history and how to really make pierogi. Here is a photo of my newly-acquired Polish skillz::

I made them last night and they were pretty tasty AND vegan! So the next clan gathering is in the summer and I can forget about the mess of it all until then.

In KNITTING NEWS--here is the pic of my wash cloth and bath stuff gift for Kay

It's positioned on the shelves my guy finally finished in our bathroom along with our sea glass collection from the 4 years we lived on the beach.

I made a scarf for a sister (per her request) but don't like it. I'll post the pic later but while weaving in the minions of loose ends, thought of a way to make it much better. So back to the needles for me, will post some pics when I've gotten it going.

Not much else, trying to continue to sort through career options/job change. I finally mailed in my last student loan payment over the weekend after 10 years of monthly payments and am reluctant to go back to school again and start the whole student loan thing over again. I just want to do something creative and be able to enjoy my work, which is something I am struggling with of late. So back to the classifieds for me, my friends! Enjoy your evening and hey, it's snowing here!!


Zeeppo said...

Russian Christmas is scary.I would rather four easters instead of a Russian Christmas