Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Thought I would showcase my current projects, as modeled by my friend:

I also saw this lil' cutie today; how bad will our winter be?

Here's a shot of the "amunition" for tonight, Nature Boy stocked us up good this year after we ran out last year and had to turn out the lights and pretend we weren't home.

Here's Nature Boy with some of the local wildlife:

Ok, got to get to the they come...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happiness Abounds Once More...

Not to worry friends, our heroine finds herself surrounded by glee following some deep meditation and soul-searching. What did she learn? Plenty (as follows in no particular order--much like her mind).

1. You can't worry about other people's crap.
2. Knitting makes things better.
3. If you are cold, put on a warm sweater and smile.
4. My current project FITS so far!!!
5. Yule will be FANTASTICAL!!!
6. If you are cold, pick up a cat, any cat within reach, and snuggle them good.
7. When it is cold, cats will gravitate naturally to your lap, or head, or chest, or legs, or arms, or butt...
8. Eating dinner with friends is a great use of time.
9. Work will be work, period.
10. A tatoo can be an engagment ring of sorts, if you let it.
11. Blueberry beer is good, but shouldn't be used on pancakes in the AM. PM would be fine.
12. It's great to be here today.
13. Acorns are the best.
14. If you break too many orange string lights between the screen door on your way in and out, the whole line will stop working, so be prepared for you holiday display to be a little less dramatic.
15. A skeleton on the porch swing will make up for the loss of drama in #14.
16. Plants should be invited inside BEFORE a hard frost.
17. The grocery store does not owe it to you to have your favorite tea in stock at all times.
18. Pomegranites are good but can be messy and take a while to eat.
19. Both sides of a magnet will not always work so don't glue things to both sides to make it a magnet for your dishwasher that says "CLEAN" on one side and "DIRTY" on the other unless you test both sides first.
20. Football is boring unless the Steelers are playing.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pondering Psychic Vampires

When do you decide to just cut someone or something out of your life? When it gets to the point where people are just negative and are taking more energy from you than they put forth? Or do you hunker down and see if the storm blows over? I joined a group almost a year ago and this group has recently grown and things have changed. From my perspective it seems to be due to one person in particular; others in my group do not seem to mind the things she does and says. Still others are being hurt by her words and actions. Right now I am trying to stand up to her but am feeling I may need to part ways as I am not really getting what I would like from this group right now. The funniest part is I am the treasurer!!! The girl who doesn't even balance her own checkbook!

Sorry for the down topic here; in a day or so I will be right again. This time of year is hard for me, the letting go of summer is a bit depressing. At least we have Samhain/Halloween coming up...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Happy Camper!

Went camping with Nature Boy (his b-day celebration)and had a fantastic time! Here are some moments for you to enjoy:

What's new with the knit? Not much; I may have to consider renaming this blog if this keeps up! Here is a bit of sorta knit related stuff for you to ogle that I took with me camping and touched nary a time:
Oh and Bigfoot eluded me yet again but if you are reading this, Big, I will find you, mark my words I will! And to that bear I thought I heard growling at night--stay away from my tent and let me sleep. (others in the camping party believed the growling was actually a motorcyle--passhaw, how silly are they!!!).