Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Trunk Show

So ever go into a yarn shoppe and find they have a "trunk show?" The kind where they have no trunks, just some knitted garments on display for you to look at? Well, I have a trunk show of my own tonight.

Behold the Knitsburgh Trunk Show.

Ok, so it's in a pic-a-nic basket, Boo Boo! Not so much a trunk. And the garment isn't really finished. It's the best we could do here and it has a postcard too.

So here is another entry in My Weird Life. That's a journal I should probably start to keep. Here is the recap over the last week.

1. Receive a "postcard" in the mail. It's really a blank index card with my last name and Nature Boy's last name, our address and a stamp on one side. No return address, but then again, none is needed. Could be sent by only one person on this earth. The flip side? A comic strip that is "laminated" with tape. Here is a close up of flip side:
I know, your'e dying to know who sent it. It's from Nature Boy's pop.

2. Come home from work to find Nature Boy with a cat tooth in his hand. Said he found it on the stairs. It's one of the big ones, the canine one. I spend time chasing down each of the 5 furry bearheads and get to the last one, the shyest and youngest of them all, the Lulu Bea. Yep, she's missing the left one! I took her to the doctor tonight and now have a round of antibiotics, some new OxyFresh Pet Hygiene Oral Rinse to put in the kids' water fountain and need to schedule a dental cleaning for her. Poor Lu! None of my other babies has lost a tooth yet and some are way older! Oh and she is not morbidly obese after all, just obese, per the doctor. YAY!!!

3. I had nothing to eat for breakfast this AM so I made some vegan chocolate pudding. I had some for lunch and dinner too.

That's about it for me. My pic-a-nic basket was found at a local flea market Saturday morning for $3. Nature Boy won the challenge though; he found 2 useful things and spent only half as much, a whopping $1.50. His is so very clever and thrifty, that one!