Thursday, September 04, 2008


So here I write as I wait for NKOTB to appear on the Today show.

Where have I been, you ask?


First, we went here:

Old Home's Day with Nature Boy's Family. I had a great time, despite preparing myself for agony. A long weekend with all of his clan in a tiny home where you can't flush the toilet because you have to conserve the well water does not ordinarily make for the best of conditions. However, it was fun and I think I might even go back next year! Oh, I won a flower arrangement and a plastic shelving unit too.

Next, we went to the woods! Camping! I seem to have lost these pictures during the Great Computer Crash of 2008. We missed the blueberries by a week or two, I'd say. We hiked through the forest and saw many different birds. I startled a deer and he startled me with a loud noise, like a grunty-huffy noise, before he ran. We also got to hear and see a bajillion bullfrogs on the lake at night while a gorgeous full moon floated above in the sky with all the stars. We made yummy food over the campfire and stayed up late soaking in the night around us.

Lastly, we came here:

Back to the beach. It was good, it was bad. It was enlightening. The ocean was beautiful and on the last day, we dove down under the water with Nature's Boys Dollar Store facemask (which works suprisingly well) and peered face to face with many diffent fish, blue crabs and skates. I came back feeling closer to someone I'd felt estranged from, but newly estranged from one I have always had a bond with. We are very glad we went and got to spend a week on the shore and fling ourselves into the waves again!

So what have I been up to since my return to Knitsburgh? I've been sewing a bit, sadly, not knitting very much though. I guess I'm in a knitting slump. I'm still on Sock #1 from the Pair O'Sox. I will post some pics of my sewing perhaps tomorrow. I'm working on laundry, then shower, then grocery shopping before I go to work at noon. I am not sleeping well of late and have a bit of a cold so I am exhausted right now.

Oh, special thanks to our fantastical neighbor for spending hours fixing our old, tired computer!!! We cannot express our thanks enough (although I still yearn for that sweet little blue wireless laptop...).


Laura said...

Welcome Back! Sounds like wonderful trips. I'll have to remember the dollar store face mask thing next time I go to the beach! :-)

Take care!