Monday, July 07, 2008

I Can't Sleep!!!

Ok, since I'm awake I will update you on all the happenings in the Knitsburgh area. Especially for those out-of-towners who rely on this publication to keep track of things. I know it's hard to keep up with all of the hullabaloo here.

First off: Vegas, baby!

A great time was had, though Ms. Knitsburgh did not become any wealthier. Ms. Knitsburgh did come home with a sweet lil' fridge magnet, an exciting thimble and one hell of a tan as proof of her long jourey. Let's also add that it really is not fun to fly, ever. And people should not be walking down the street with a stroller and a baby at 2AM no matter how many neon lights are blinking. Nature Boy learned he should use sunscreen or pay the price. Also, mojitos poolside are always a good idea, but don't go down the waterslide with it, ok?

The Fourth was of course very exciting, as usual, with Kay's Birthday, the country's birthday and the greatly anticipated annual Westoreland Arts and Heritage Festival. The fireworks were grand, the beer was cold and the crafts were smokin' and not necessarily in that order. Not to mention the yumm-tacular food. I had a pita wrap, corn on the cob, spiral cut fries and watermelon. Delicious!

On to the Project Corner. Or shall we say, Finished (finally) Project Corner:
That's the Green Chemise. In all her green glory. Finished and seamed on the plane rides (that's right, had a dreaded stopover in Charlotte)back from Vegas. Took me almost two freakin' weeks to finish the 73 inch I-cord! Do you know how much I loathe I-cord now? Almost as much as sleeves---yeah, that's serious!!
Here is Nature Boy's radiator cover for the Knitsburgh dining area:
I made the cushion. It's for the cats to sit upon as they gaze out across the estate grounds. It's also to hide the radiator from sight. Except the cars do not like it and even though three of them have been forced upon it, they would not stay, not even for a full minute. They just run away and come back later and sit on the hard window sill. Ingrates!!!

Ammended entry:

Ok, so Madison Penelope likes it. On HER terms, of course!!!


Laura said...

Yay for a great vegas trip! Sorry you didn't leave any wealthier. :-(

If you had maybe you could've invested in the steelers, I hear they are looking for a potential partner? (Very scary idea!)
Yay also on finishing your chemise, I just realized I haven't picked up a knitting needle in... well, a really long time.
Oh... yes, flying sucks!


affectioknit said...

I'm so glad you had a good trip. I love the kitty on the cushion - very nice.