Friday, October 17, 2008

On Cleavage

Ms. Knitsburgh steps upon proverbial soap box, clears her throat, and begins.

So today while on Ravelry, I read one of my favorite weekly columns, Ask Auntie BubboPants. For those of you who sadly are not on Ravelry it's an advice column, like Dear Abby, but much funnier. Maybe akin to Ask Mr. Fish.

One of the questions was from a woman who wrote, among other things, this:
"The real problem is how she dresses. She has a long torso too, and I understand that finding shirts is difficult. But it honestly took a lot, lot longer for me to ignore the fact that most of the time I’m looking at least half of her breasts, if not more, than it did to stop being jealous. I can ignore the clothing thing and talk to her face these days, and so can my husband (it probably took him longer), but it’s incredibly awkward having her meet my friends and family or going out in public together. I don’t really like drawing attention to myself anyhow and it’s not like I’m looking for guys, but it can be embarrassing and sometimes a little threatening when guys make comments. Furthermore, her clothing would be inappropriate no matter what her bra size is – I’d never go out with my chest exposed that way."

This is what I have to say on it. My mother has been battling breast cancer for years. When I was a freshman in college she was first diagnosed and started her treatments (chemo, then a radical mastectomy, then radiation). She was in remission for 12 years and then discovered it has come back, this time in her bones and lungs. She is very careful and self-conscious about the way she has to dress to hide the fact that she wears a prosthetic breast on one side. She doesn't wear dipping necklines or armholes that are loose for fear of someone seeing a scar.

I wear clothing that shows off my cleavage. If you don't like it, I don't give a fuck. Look away and/or don't pretend to be my friend if you can't handle it. I'm going to show them off while I still have them and feel good about them. I am a woman and enjoy being a woman and there is nothing wrong with my womanly body or your womanly body or anyone else's womanly body. So girls, show it off while you can, if you want to. If you don't want to then don't but don't judge those who do. Now go get a mammogram and donate some money to the cure instead of being mean and jealous towards other chicas. Peace out!